This story is about a girl named Amanda
that suffers from depression. It's worsening, and she's starting to think about ending her life. Then, one day, she meets Niall in NYC, and things begin to change. He makes her see the world in another way, and teaches her to be herself. But, what Niall doesn't know, is that deep inside, her depression is growing... will Amanda turn out ok in the end?


6. Comforting

Even though I wasn't crying anymore, I still couldn't fall asleep. I was too busy thinking about Niall. I really missed him being with me, even when he was right down the hall. I got up from my bed, and walked slowly to nialls room. I peered in through the door way, and I took a step in. Niall wasn't completely asleep yet, so he saw me walk in.

"Amanda, I thought you were going to sleep?" he whispered.

"I couldn't fall asleep..." I said, my voice fading.

"Come here, you can sleep with me." he offered.

"Are, are you sure?" I questioned.

"I'm positive." he answered, smiling at me. "Now come here." he demanded, holding his arms wide open.

I agreed, and I climbed onto his bed. I layed down, my head resting on his chest. I could hear his heart beating. This was the feeling I loved. This was what I was waiting for my whole life. I felt so safe in his arms. It couldn't be any more perfect than this.

"I finally found her." he said to me.

"found who? I replied.

"My princess." he answered.

I smiled, and he kissed me on the cheek. The rest of the night, I couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't wait till morning.

"He's perfect." I whispered to myself. I felt my eye lids shutting. I fell asleep wrapped in nialls arms. I loved him so much.
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