This story is about a girl named Amanda
that suffers from depression. It's worsening, and she's starting to think about ending her life. Then, one day, she meets Niall in NYC, and things begin to change. He makes her see the world in another way, and teaches her to be herself. But, what Niall doesn't know, is that deep inside, her depression is growing... will Amanda turn out ok in the end?


9. Carefree

Niall, the boys, and I laid out in the sun for a few hours, when Harry suddenly jumps up.


"Oh Harry, your so childish." Louis yelled, but he started laughing and ran too.

Soon everyone was running to the water. I has losing, so Niall scooped me up and he flung me into the water.

"Niall!" I laughed as I splashed a handful of water at him.

He smiled at me, and splashed water back at me. We got into a huge water fight, but I totally loved it!

"They're perfect for each other." Liam whispered to the other guys as they got out of the water.

"They are. Look how cute they are together." Zayn said.

"Right? And Amanda is really beautiful." "Yes she is... She has eyes just like Nialls." Harry and Louis added.

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

Niall and I stayed in the water for hours. When it began to get dark outside, we made a fire and sat around it. Niall got out his guitar, and he started to play More Than This. The boys all sang along.

"So Amanda, Niall told us you can sing." Louis said while smiling.

"Oh no, I'm...I'm not that good." I answered, scooting back in the sand, distancing myself slightly from the boys.

"Amanda...Yes you are." Niall reassured.

"Amanda love, will you please sing for us?" Harry said, smiling.

I thought about it, but finally said softly,"Alright."

Niall began to play Torn on the guitar. I began to sing along. As soon as I began, all of the boys' jaws dropped. I never realized that I could sing.

Liam leaned over to Niall and whispered, "Good job man. You found the perfect girl."

Niall smiled back, and then smiled at me. When I was done singing, everyone clapped. I blushed, and thanked them.

"Now that wasn't so hard now, was it?" Harry said, winking at me.

I laughed and replied, "I guess not."

We continued to sing songs around the fire for a while, until Niall offered," Anyone want smores?"

"Oh Niall, you and your appetite." Louis commented.

"Niall, you and Amanda go get the s'mores from your car. Louis and I will go get more firewood. Harry and Zayn, go get some blankets." Liam suggested. We all agreed, and went to do our assignments. Niall gave me a piggy back to his car, and placed me in the front seat, facing the open door. As he got the supplies, he came back over to me to give me some to hold. God, his eyes were sparkling. It's almost like they were smiling at me. And he looked so good with no short on. I was melting. All of a sudden,Niall stroked his hand across my face, and he leaned in to kiss me. Foreheads touching, he opened his eyes, and whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too." I replied, letting Niall kiss my lips. It was amazing. As I pulled back, I was speechless, and I smiled again. I grabbed his shirt, and I pulled him closer, kissing him. It was perfect. When we were done, he smiled at me, kissed me on the nose, and carried me back to the fire.

"What took you so long?" Harry asked, winking at Niall and I.

"Nothing." said Niall, placing me down on his lap. I looked up at him, and kissed him on the cheek.

Harry whispered to Niall, "You kissed her, didn't you."

"Shh." Niall replied, grinning at Harry.

We all fell asleep together at the beach.
"best day ever." I thought as I drifted off to sleep.
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