This story is about a girl named Amanda
that suffers from depression. It's worsening, and she's starting to think about ending her life. Then, one day, she meets Niall in NYC, and things begin to change. He makes her see the world in another way, and teaches her to be herself. But, what Niall doesn't know, is that deep inside, her depression is growing... will Amanda turn out ok in the end?


1. Moment In Time

Standing in the pouring rain in the middle of New York City, staring towards the sky. I like the rain. I find it peaceful when im hurting the most. It hides my pain,my tears... No one was around where I was, since everything was completely drenched.My legs were getting weak, so I decided to sit down on a bench. I looked to make sure no one was around... Nope. I took a razor out of my back pocket, and I held it in my hand.

I thought to myself, "Is it worth it? Should I do it?"

I always have constant battles with myself. About my depression, mostly. I have a depression problem. I care too much what people think. All of those emotions build up eventually, and one day, im not going to be able to take it anymore.

I heard a voice in my head, saying, "Don't do it Amanda, it's not worth it in the end." It sounded like my mom.

Finally making up my mind, I took the razor to my wrist. I never understood why this pain could feel so good. My hands were trembling. I dropped the razor to the ground. Curling up in a ball, I started to cry. I regretted myself for doing that. No one was around to hear me, until a cute, blonde boy got out of a cab.

"Please don't notice me. Please don't notice me." I chanted over and over in my head.

Suddenly, I sensed him walking in my direction. Putting my hood on, I hid my head and looked towards the ground, hoping he wouldn't stop to talk.

I waited for about a minute, and when I finally thought he was gone, I heard "Hey are you ok?" in a heavy Irish accent.

I looked up slightly, and without making eye contact, I softly said, "I'm fine."

I tried to hide the pain in my voice. I looked back down, hoping he would leave, all though I secretly liked the comfort.

All of a sudden, the blonde cutie sat down next to me and whispered, "I don't think your ok...Your alone in the middle of the pouring rain. Here, let's go into Starbucks where we can dry off. How does that sound love?"

I looked up at him in the eyes. They were a beautiful blue with yellow specks, just like mine.

I whispered back, "Ok." and slightly smiled as he helped me up.

As we started to walk down the block, I turned around, looking back at the razor lying on the ground.

"From this day on, I will never touch another razor again." I thought in my head. "And that's a promise."

I turned back around, and smiled at the ground. It was nice to finally have some comfort for once.
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