Seem's Like Perfection

When Charlotte, Lila and Flo travel to London for their Gap Year, They expected to make new friends but boys was crossed off their lists. After all the blood and tears were were wiped away.... Love comes but is it excepted


11. The Arguement

I tidied up quickly as Niall alerted the others of my brothers coming. I knew they wouldn't mind clutter, but still, it was really messy. I shoved dirty t-shirts into the washing basket and ran out to hear the doorbell ring. I opened the door.

"Jacob! Jonathon! Great to see you!" I said pulling them into a hug. When I released them they said "Hey!" and I invited them in. Jacob sauntered in and lent on the wall like he owned the place as usuall and Jonathon elbowed me in the ribs and stepped in. They looked around.

"This is your place?" Jacob scoffed, amused. I shook my head. They both frowned.

"Then whose is it?" Jonathon asked. I mumbled a bit.

"My boyfriends' and his friends'." I answered at last. Jacob raised his eyes.

"You have a boy friend?" he said.

"Uh yeah.. Since this morning, but yeah. " I said "I love him." I added.

"hey babe- oh your brothers are here!" Niall entered the room. Jacob raised an eyebrow and Jonathon scowled. I guess they didn't have a good impression of him. I smiled up at Niall and kissed his cheek.

"Guys, this is Niall. Niall, these are my brothers, Jacob and Jonathon." I said, introducing each other. "Jacob, Jon', Niall is from the boyband I like." Their scowls deapened. "But we met a week ago, amd we have lots of things in common." i quickly added. Flo and Charlotte walked in. They greeted my brothers and Flo suggested going to the park to leave the boys to get along. I though this was a good a good idea. I mean, they could get to know each other, maybe even become friends. Boy, was I wrong!

As Lila introduced us to each other, I saw them scowl. I spose they're a little protective. When the girls left I stuck out my hand to the dark haired one, Jonathon. He unwillingly shook it. I moved onto Jacob, the blonde one. He just glared at me.

"Umm, I'll introduce you to the other guys then." I said.

"They're in the band?" scoffed Jonathon. I nodded trying to ignore their dislike. This was going to be a long day.

"Okay, this is Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam." I said gesturing to each of them. Jacob blinked and Jonathon nodded. The boys waved and said hello and we went back into the lounge room. I sat.

"So.. Jacob.. Jonathon..anything to say?" I asked trying to break the tension. It didn't work.

"Well.. We if you want to know, we think you're using our sister." Jacobs comment cute me like a knife.


"you heard us. We think you're going to break our little sisters heart. So.. Stay away from her." Jacob threatened.

"Excuse me, but I love her! I would never do that! Especially not to Lila! How dare you say that?!" I exclaimed. Jacob punched me in the face.

"Well we think you're going to destroy her so piss the fuck off!" yelled jonathon. Louis burst in to see Jonathon swing at me and Jacob throw a punch and yelled "Whoa! What's this about!"

"They think I'm going to destroy Lila." I growled through gritted teeth. He immediately joined my side. The other boys stood by the doorway ready to come in for help. It turned into a full fledged fight. I tackled Jacob as Louis fought Jonathon. It went on for at least 5 minutes, us all getting bad injuries. The door swung open.

Charlotte, Flo and I walked around streets aimlessly, not talking about anything in particular. In 20 minutes, I thought we should go back to how things are going. As we reached the drive way we heard yells.

"Well we think you're gonna destroy her!"

I froze. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Flo and Charlotte do the same. I heard scuffling, the sound of punches and slaps, and more muffled yelling. Charlotte and Flo were still frozen but I raced through the door. Harry Zayn and Liam gulped and stared. I saw they were ready to join a fight. As I turned the corner, I saw Niall and Jacob fighting and Jonathon and Louis fighting. I started hyperventelating. I leo in between them, only to get punched extremely hard in the face by Jacob and kicked by Louis.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! STOP IT!" I yelled. They realized who was in between them and immediately looked guilty. "W-what are you doing?" I whispered hoarsely. Before they could answer I ran out the door and past Charlotte and Flo , tears streaming down my face. i found a random park and sat on a bench sobbing. *Brr brr* my phone was ringing. It was Jacob. I pressed the end button. *Bee-Beep bee -beep* I got 4texts from Niall, 8 from Charlotte and Flo, 6from Jonathon and 4from Jacob. It started ringing again. I just put it in my pocket and ignored it. The sun was starting to set already. I layer down, prepared to stay the night. I closed my eyes for a minute, but when I opened them it was dark and the streetlights were bright. I checked my phone. I had a lot of messages and missed calls. I checked the time on it. 1:08 AM! Oh god.. I better head home. I patted my arm. It was damp, it must've been raining. I headed home, extremely tired. As I quietly unlocked the door and snuck in, I saw Jacob and Jonathon sleeping on the pullout couch. I crept upstairs, avoiding the 5th one down knowing it creaks, and jumped on top of Flo.

"Oww... Oh it's you" she said waking up. She hugged me.

"Are you okay?" I nodded in her shoulder. I was better now.

"You're drenched!" she exclaimed. I realized what I thought was damp was river worthy. It really did rain. Charlotte rolled over in her sleep. I fell asleep next to Flo, knowing now I was ok.

I woke up at 9. Flo and Charlotte werent there; they mustve gone downstairs. I peeked into Niall, Louis and Harry's room. Lou was awake, but he didn't see me. The others were lying in bed, so I didn't know whether they were asleep or not. Liam walked past dragging Zayn, but they both didn't see me either. I went into the bathroom for a shower. As I was washing my hair, someone knocked on the door.

"Hurry up whoever you are" called Louis through the door. I finished, got my clothes on and snuck out the other door just as Louis stuck his head in to look. I ran silently around him and tip toed down stairs. I stopped just before I reached the bottom about to go until I heard Niall.

"We'll have to make truce. As much as you may hate me, we need to Do this for Lila. " I heard him say. I heard Jacob and Jonathon agree as well.

"We better find her then." said Niall as he headed to the door. I spoke up.

"No, you don't." I croaked. They turned and Niall pulled me into a famous horan hug. I hugged him back, relieved to be with him again. I broke away and hugged Jacob and Jonathon. They smiled and apologized. I just nodded and told them they can leave. Then I went back to Niall.

"Lila, I'm so sorry. I wish I hadnt done that." he said. I nodded and kissed him. I touched a scar on his forehead. He winced.

"Jacob?" I asked. He nodded. I touched my nose. It hurt. Niall must've seen my expression, because he ran to get an ice pack. We sat on the couch and just stared into each others eyes for a while. This was meant to be.
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