Seem's Like Perfection

When Charlotte, Lila and Flo travel to London for their Gap Year, They expected to make new friends but boys was crossed off their lists. After all the blood and tears were were wiped away.... Love comes but is it excepted


2. The Airport

Lila's P.O.V


As we arrived 15 minutes later at the airport I smiled in spite myself. I mean, I hadn't been that much of a fan of England, but it’s always fun to go somewhere new. As we walked into the massive lobby, Flo started screaming and dancing. I hissed at her to stop but she just cheekily poked her tongue out at me and kept at it. Charlotte and I dragged her to a seat to get her to stop and then we set off to put our bags in the loading dock, an announcement crackled over the PA system. “Would the paparazzi please leave” *static crackles* “While they get into the plane no.4 to London.”  I nudged Flo and Charlotte and whispered “here that? That’s our plane! Someone famous is on OUR TRIP TO LONDON!” I don’t usually get carried away like this but in this moment I was plain exited. Flo grinned excitedly and Charlotte nodded her head, still half asleep.

 The PA system crackled again and a song started playing on the radio. It was… One Direction? Yeah... I think. I dragged Charlotte and Flo onto our plane briefly showing the doorman our 2nd class tickets. Once on the plane I ran through 3rd and 2nd class and pulled Charlotte and Flo to 1st class. I gasped at the people sitting there. I heard Flo and Charlotte gasp too. “Oh my god. It’s LITTLE MIX!” I stammered, my voice almost completely failing. We stood staring like idiots. They stared back, obviously as surprised as we were. Perrie leant over to one of the cute boys across the isle and whispered something to one of them.  

I looked a little closer at the boys. They looked familiar. One of them, on the far right, was looking curiously to my left, at Charlotte. He had sparkling green eyes and a mass of brown curls. The guy next to him was cute, like adorable. His eyes were focused on his IPhone. He looked playful, in a way. Next to him was a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes that seemed to sparkle. His blue eyes gleamed as he looked my way. Wait…. Was he looking at me? I looked at my feet and blushed. I decided I’d look up at the last boy in the row. He had amazing hair. I mean really. He was the one that Perrie was talking too. He had a shade darker tan; and it suited him. They guy behind them was reading a magazine. His shirt read < I’m with 1 but the rest was covered by the magazine.

Suddenly we were pulled back into 2nd class by a flight attendant. She looked… Mad. We thanked her and quickly found our seats. I fiddled with my shoulder length, dark brown hair. I checked my appearance in my phones mirror; my lip balm had faded. I re-applied it and decided to stare into my grey eyes.

Realization washed over me. Those boys were familiar because…. They were… One Direction?  


Harry’s P.O.V

3 girls burst into first class. They were muttering about Little Mix or something and they hadn’t notice us? Well that’s a first. The one on the right, an auburn haired girl, kept staring at Jade, the one in the middle, a straight haired grey eyed girl, was looking around and the girl on the left… wow. Her brown curls and dark green eyes were beautiful. She looked beautiful. She looked our way and I quickly ducked my head so she wouldn’t see me staring.

I averted my eyes to Niall, he was flushing a little whilst staring at the girl in the middle. He must like her then… like I like the other girl. I heard Perrie whisper something to Zayn, like “it’s usually you guys”. I looked up at that girl again and knew; I liked her.

Niall’s P.O.V

When 3 girls ran into our class, I chuckled a bit knowing they weren’t supposed to be her. Until I saw her. The girl in the middle. It was as if time stopped still. She had straight dark brown hair shoulder length hair, and amazing grey eyes that nearly seemed blue. I tried to look away but I couldn’t and as she looked our way and she saw me looking, she looked at her feet and blushed a scarlet colour. Man, she was gorgeous. I like her, a lot and I haven’t even met her!

Suddenly the flight attendant pulled them away. I couldn’t hide the fact I was disappointed; it was shown all over my face. I was even pouting, wow I was weird. Liam noticed and nudged Louis. He laughed. ‘look who has a crush! Which girl?”

I sighed ‘the one in the middle.’ I muttered looking down.

“ooh lala” they chimed. I noticed Harry looking a little disappointed too. “mate I saw you looking.” I kidded to him, shoving his shoulder. He blushed. We made ourselves comfortable for the trip to London.  



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