Seem's Like Perfection

When Charlotte, Lila and Flo travel to London for their Gap Year, They expected to make new friends but boys was crossed off their lists. After all the blood and tears were were wiped away.... Love comes but is it excepted


10. Proposal

‘The day after girls night’

I yawned as I got up from my sleeping bag. Even though Charlotte,Flo,Dani, Perrie , Eleanor and I had beds, we made it more traditional and used sleeping bags. I was first up, it was 8. I decided on making pancakes for breakfast. They sizzled in the frying pan and smelt quite nice. I used my special recipe (add 25g of honey and vanilla esscence) so it tasted extra great. I heard footsteps and turned around.

"Niall? What's up?" I asked seeing him standing there, staring at me weirdly. Like he was.. Longing for something?

I couldn't hold out on my feelings anymore. As I lay in bed trying to mak sense of my thoughts. I heard the frying pan sizzling and my stomach went into eat mode. Heck it was always in eat mode! I went downstairs praying it wasn't Lila, but just my luck, it was. I froze staring at her. Nows the time; no one else is awake. Do it Niall. Do it.

"Niall? What's up?" she asked looking at me curiously as I just stood there.

"P-pancakes" was all I could say. Stupid niall! She looked at me and nodded.

"Umm.. Lila, I've been wanting to ask you something.. This is really sudden, I mean, we only met a week ago.. But.." my voice faltered, and I stumbled a little closer. She looked up at me smiling.

"But?" she urged me on. Her grey eyes searched my face for an answer

"W-will you be m-my girlfriend?" I rushed, panicking madly now. She opened her mouth in an "o" shape. I blushed bright red.

"I-I understa-" she cut me off by kissing me on the lips. Sparks went down my spine. I kissed her back. She broke off and looked up at me.

"Definetly." she smiled and we kissed again. I pressed her agains the wall next to the door.

"AHH GET A ROOM!" Flo yelled as we looked across to see Louis, Flo, Charlotte, Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie and Liam gaping at us. Lila laughed and said

"We got one!" and slid the wooden door across and continued kissing me. In mid kiss I lifted her up and slid her on to my back in a piggy back position. From there she continued making stacks of pancakes. I called "It's safe to come in guys!" coz I knew they would be listening and now everyone was up so they hurtled into the kitchen grabbed pancakes and ran to eat them. Lola slid off my back gave me a huge plate and served herself some. We ate ours linking arms. Man we were goofy. I could tell this was going to last.

When Niall asked me that, I was so happy. I mean I thought Liam was lying before, but I developed a crush on his cute Irish Niall-ness. And when we kissed, it was AMAZING. Sparks! And now we were sitting linking arms at the table with everyone. I had finished my pancakes and was on my phone on twitter.

@Lila_Moryle8 - @Niall.Horan Is my fantastic boyfriend <3 I love him so much! And he's a great kisser ;)

@Niall.Horan - @Lila_Moryle8 why thankyou babe ;) EVERYONE GO FOLLOW MY PRINCESS!

We looked up at each other and smiled. His blue eyes were so beautiful. We got up and left the others to eating their pancakes. I crashed on the couch. He lifted me up onto his lap and we both got comfortable. *BEE-BEEP BEE-BEEP* I got a text from my two brothers, Jacob and Jonathon. It said" Hey Lila! Just letting you know we're in town so we're going to visit you! What's your address?" I read it and looked up at Niall.

"Uh.. My brothers are in town, and they want to visit. Can they come here?" I asked. He nodded. I texted back saying yes.
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