Seem's Like Perfection

When Charlotte, Lila and Flo travel to London for their Gap Year, They expected to make new friends but boys was crossed off their lists. After all the blood and tears were were wiped away.... Love comes but is it excepted


9. Girls Night

I woke up to the sound of my phone alarm. Damn. I wish I'd turned it off; I had a major headache, and I wasn't even drunk last night. I realises I was on the floor. Damn. Flo must've pushed me off the couch-bed we shared in her sleep. I got up and took some pain killer. Carefully tiptoeing so I wouldn't wake anyone up, I went into the next room. Dani and El were snoring in there. I looked at my phone and saw a message from Perrie- sorry I couldn't be there last night! Maybe I could come over some time today? Xx- I replied. -sure thing! See you round 4? - she texted back immediately. -yeah! C u then!- I put my phone back In my pocket and walked down the hall. I saw Lou and Niall sleeping in their bunk, then Zayn and Liam, then Harry, and finally I stopped at Charlottes room. I heard muffled crying. Sobbing even. I tapped at the door. The crying stopped momentarily but then kept going. I walked in.

"Charlotte? Babe, what's wrong? What gets you crying at.." I checked my watch. "..8 in the morning?" she looked up at me and started stuttering.

"Harry last n-night, he t-told me that he l-loved me.." she whispered hoarsely.

"... And?" I asked sheepishly, sitting down beside her and wrapping my arms around her.

"And I can't handle it. I don't know my feelings for him. At his party I just didn't want to be there. And I don't know why!" she sobbed, crying into my shoulder. I patted her back.

"Well its your choice, but you have to decide soon... Preferably before someone wakes up. I saw him last night. He didn't look to... Healthy." I murmured. I decided I'd leave her too it. She nodded and flopped back into her bed.

"now get some rest" I said before walking downstairs

When Lila came in, it actually felt good to tell someone. I dont know what to feel...
I like Harry as a friend.
No, as a soulmate.
No, as a friend.
No, as a soulmate.

I'm so confused. I can't think straight. I flopped back into bed and felt into a deep, cold sleep.

Poor Charlotte. I'd hate to be in her position. When Liam said Niall liked me, I was having a mini heart attack, but he must've been joking. Why would one of the most famous boys in the world like me? A nobody? Instead of wasting time thinking about it, I made waffles. I made more . And more. When I was finished there was 6 tall stacks of waffles on the big kitchen table. I munched on an apple and waited for people to wake up. Lou was down first. He walked in, stared at the table, then me, then walked out just to see if it was his imagination. When we walked back in he hugged me.

"WAFFLE MASTER!" he yelled. I figured that would wake the others up soon. Next was Zayn, then Niall, then Flo Dani and El, then Liam and then Harry at 10. Harry looked confused. I announced

"Charlotte still feels sick, she's staying in bed." I looked at Harry when noone was watching. We made silent eye contact and he understood that I knew about last night. We all sat down and ate the rest of the waffles.

Charlotte's P.O.V

I'm so Fucking tired of this! I stormed out of my room and pushed past the girls who were walking towards my room.

"Charlotte?" I heard El say.

I didn't want to talk to anyone apart from Harry.
I stopped in the middle of the kitchen, where were those stupid boys?

There! At the glass door...
I rolled my eyes, opened the door and pulled Harry inside.

"Charlotte!" He muttered.
"Harry, I can't take this! I want friends! If something is meant to happen let it! I yelled. I stopped and stuttered. "I'm sorry" I said ashamed.

"It's ok" he said quietly before pulling me in for a hug.

I sighed and walked back inside.

"Hi Guys! What's up?" I exclaimed to the girls.

As we ran up to Charlottes room, she burst out the room and ran past us, downstairs. El called her name but she ignored her. I ran after her but stopped when I saw she was with Harry. When he pulled her into a hug, he looked past me at Lila. She made an okay �� sign with her hand. He smiled, and broke away. Charlotte ran back, obviously excited and asked "Hi guys! What's up?"

"Oh, we're just having a girls night." Flo explained to Charlotte grinning as she pushed Harry out the door and locked it again. She called to them

" Go do something somewhere other than here!" they discussed, shrugged and walked away onto the street. We got started. We watched a movie while playing truth or dare.

"Perrie! Truth or dare?" Charlotte grinned at me.

"hmm... I guess... DARE!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"Hmm.. I dare you.. To go in a public place with toilet paper hanging from your pants. And you have to be suprised when u notice it there!" she dared
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