Seem's Like Perfection

When Charlotte, Lila and Flo travel to London for their Gap Year, They expected to make new friends but boys was crossed off their lists. After all the blood and tears were were wiped away.... Love comes but is it excepted


14. Drunk

Harry's POV:
It was a week since the Lila "Problem", but now we had a new one.
Liam and Danielle broke up 3 days ago.
He's been sad as, and tonight we're having a party. Private of course. To try and cheer him up. He might even have a drink or two.
Now that would be entertaining!
We were setting up, lila and I. We'd just finished when she turned to me.
"Just do it already! Not tonight but jeez, soon!" she cried impatiently.
"ASK HER HOW SHE FEELS GOD DAMN IT!" she yelled. I looked down.
"I already did that!" I whined.
"Do it again." she said.
"thats what she said."
Just then liam came in.
"What the.. What's this?"
"A party. To cheer you up. Although I could just throw pie in everyone's face, but Harry didn't think that'd work." Lila explained. His face went from confused to suprised and then grateful.
"Thanks guys.." he said pulling us into a hug.
"Su-fo.. Cat-ing.." Lila spluttered and he let go.
The others burst in.
"LETS GO!" Niall yelled. The rest of the night was a blur. I remember drinking lots and doing random things.. That's all though.
I yawned. Boy I was tired. I got up and went to bed, leaving them drunks to themselves.
I fell asleep restlessly.
I woke up 3 hours later1:05 am. To hear something I don't want to describe from Niall & Harry's room.
I fell asleep again. This time I woke at 4 from Louis tapping me.
"Uhh, can we get these guys sorted out?" he whispered. I nodded, knowing he and I were the only ones not drunk. We crept down the hall to find Charlotte curled up next to Harry, Zayn sleeping next to Perrie, Eleanor crashed on the carpet, and Liam on the bench top with only his boxers on. I cringed. They are gonna get hangovers! I dragged Eleanor and Perrie to their room, and Charlotte and Harry to theirs. I decided Harry could sleep (with clothes on!) in Lilas bed because I didn't dare venture into Nialls room.
I went back to find Louis had done the others.
"Where's Lila and... Oh.. Ew." Louis said. I slapped him lightly on the head and we went back to bed.
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