Seem's Like Perfection

When Charlotte, Lila and Flo travel to London for their Gap Year, They expected to make new friends but boys was crossed off their lists. After all the blood and tears were were wiped away.... Love comes but is it excepted


12. Awesome Day!

LILA'S POV: Its two days after the big "arguement" and I feel so much better. Today, I was going to suprise Flo Charlotte and the boys. I got up at 7, and Harry was up. Not going to plan so far.... Unless... I had a mischievous idea. I needed everyone to be asleep. Or... Knocked out? But how? My eyes rested on a frying pan. Lila, no way! But... He wouldn't remember it! I could just drag him in Bed and claim to know nothing... Before I could change my mind I grabbed the pan lifted it above my head and ran silently into the room he was in. He wasn't facing me, and he was eating an apple. Adrenaline rushed through me and I crept up behind him and smacked him on the head. He fell to the floor, clearly unconscious. A part of my brain was screaming what have you done! And another part was screaming You just knocked out Harry style from ONE DIRECTION. Kidnap him! But I dragged him into his room and threw him onto his bed. I turned around and saw a very confused looking Niall and Zayn standing there. I winced but smiled as they just stared. "Not what you think.." I said and held up the frying pan apologetically. "Uhh.. Sorry!" I said and Niall went into hysterics. He was laughing ds hard that he fell over and laughed silently. Zayn looked alarmed. "You... You knocked out Harry?" he stuttered. I nodded sheepishly and walked out behind him. Then I realized he was awake to.. Niall could help me but Zayn would just tell everyone.. Without a second thought I ran back into their room and hit Zayn on the head too. He fell sideways and faceplanted onto his bed. Niall stopped rolling on the floor laughing and stared at me scared. I giggled. "Both of them?" he whimpered. I nodded. "theyll forget everything... They might just have headaches. Don't tell?" I said making a cute face. Niall looked away but gave in and nodded. "I won't!" he chirped and linked arms with me. This was going to be a good day! We walked down the hallway and Niall turned to me "So... Why?" he asked casually looking at the frying pan that was still in my hand. I shrugged. "Well I'm doing a scavenger hunt! All over London." I explained. He raised an eyebrow."And why am I here?" he asked. I smirked. "You're the hostage!" I said skipping into the kitchen. I wrote a note. Boys, girls, I have taken Niall as my hostage, and well be hiding somewhere in London. It's a scavenger hunt! Have fun! Harry here's your apple-> (I put the apple down next to it) . First clue: we ran to the park and I left the last clue. we ran to the Lood Woods (ironic, right?) and I led him to a big hollow tree bug enough to fit us both. We sat and waited. "So.. How long?" Niall asked pointedly. I shrugged. "I guess a while. So, what do you wanna do to pass time? I brought popcorn!" I asked handing him a packet. He took it and dug in. "I've been wanting some time with you.. Alone.." he whispered and lent in and kissed me. It was like the first time. So many fireworks... I kissed back. It turned into a make out session and only ended when we both got hungry and had some popcorn. This was going to be fun! HARRYS POV: I woke up with a headache. It was pretty bad but I took some painkiller. I thought I had gotten up earlier, but it must've been a dream... Strange. I got up to find the rest crowded around the kitchen bench. I walked over to them. "Ahh! Harry! Er.. Your head a bit sore mate?" Lou cried our seeing me. I nodded. "How did you.." I asked but trailed off when I read the note. I grabbed the apple. "Lila!" I yelled. They all jumped and stared at me. "Lila..uh.. Knocked me out. With a frying pan." I explained. Charlotte and Flo high fived giggling. The boys just stared at me. "Uhh... Me too, she hit me in the head.." Zayn murdered, clearly embarrassed. They just stared in shock, realizing Lila had actually knocked us out. "Well, we figured out where the next clue is!" said Flo, breaking the silence. We set off for it. When we found it 20 minutes later, we read it and set off again. I noticed Charlotte staying near me, but I didn't know if it was on purpose or a coincidence. We ran to the last one. "umm... Lood Woods?" Charlotte suggested as we tried to figure it out. "Yeah!" I said and we high fived. we all then ran to the woods and started searching for the tree. We agreed that if we found it we'd make bird calls. "CA-CAW CA-CAW" I heard Charlotte yell. We ran to her and saw her pointing to a big tree with a hole in it. We snuck to the hole and guess what we saw? Niall and Lila making out! We stood there wincing and Louis cleared his throat. "Eh-em?" They looked up and went red. "Uhh... Hi guys!" Lila said climbing out. "Hi Harry... Zayn.." she added blushing and biting her lip. Niall got out. "Best kidnapper ever!" he said putting his arm around Lila. We headed home. I checked the time; 4:00 already! We got home and crashed on the couch. LILA'S POV: I woke up on wet grass. Not a good sign. I got up. I must've fell asleep when we got home. Uh-oh.. It must be revenge. I walked to the back door. "HELLOOOO LET ME IN GUYS!" I yelled. They appeared at the door. "Why?" Zayn asked cheekily. I looked around the group. "Uh.. where's Niall?" I asked. Flo pointed to a chair. He was duct taped and gagged to it. He tried to wave but couldnt move much. I stifled a laugh. "You duct taped him to a chair?" I said. "Yep. He's our hostage now! Now, either your boyfriend gets paint bombed for and hour.." Harry said evilly. "Or you get paint bombed for 30 minutes." he finished. "Guys, let me in or I'll scream.." I warned. Charlotte and Flo exchanged glances and ran out the room. The boys stayed. "Sorry Niall, but... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"I screamed dancing around on the door step. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. The boys all fell to the floor and covered their ears. "STOP PLEASE!" Louis cried. I stopped. "So.. This is payback right?" I said. Harry nodded. "Okay.. Hit me!" I said stepping back with my arms wide. They ran out and threw balloons full of paint at me. I scrunched up my face. They finished. "Okeydokee! WHO WANTS A HUG" I said. I chased them around the yard and pretty soon we were covered in paint and collapsed on the grass. Awesome day!
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