I can't make you love me.

When Hannah's boyfriend Niall Horan leaves Ireland for the uk xfactor and becomes a member in the new famous boy band one direction Hannah sees herself becoming a smaller priority. Will their love last or will Hannah have to move on?


1. Saying goodbye

I curl my blonde hair and dwell on the thought that I am going to see my beautiful boy Niall again. He is taking me out for dinner and says he wants to tell me
Something. I want to look my best because I always look terrible compared
to my Niallers natural perfection. I put on light lipstick and eyeliner and put on a pretty lemon yellow dress. I take one last look in the mirror and throw my self on the couch waiting
For Niall.
Advertisements for the UK xfactor flash on. I would love to audition but I have responsibilitys like taking care of my little sister Bree. Ever since mum died dad hasn't been the same and he's not very fit to be a parent. It would be a different story if he was sober for at least an hour. I havE to do everything around here. I don't mind though because I want the best for Bree. It's been really hard on her and me since mum died. The happy spark in her eyes has faded and in trying my best to revive it.
I hear the doorbell ring and grab my purse and skip to the door. I open it and see a cute Niall standing there. The only thing to pick on is his choppy haircut but I don't mind. I turn my head to Bree who is reading a book in the corner.
"Will you be okay for a couple hours, bree" I ask
She nods and smiles revealing her perfect teeth.
I jog over to kiss her forehead and wave goodbye.
Niall and I sing along to the radio in the car and laugh at eachothers terrible dancing.
He stops the car infront of NANDOS and I sigh. "what's wrong?" he asks.
"Nothing, it's just we always go here and I'm getting
Sick of chicken. It's ruining my dresses!" I complain.
He starts the car and backs away.
"what are you doing Niall?" I ask.
"Leaving NANDOS. Where do you wanna go han?" Niall smiles.
"surprise me." I smile cheekily.
"No seriously, you better pick or you'll be eating alot of chicken." he states seriously.
"ha. Okay. Um.. La porchetta?" I ask.
"Your wish is my command your majesty." he jokes bowing his head.
I softly hit him and kiss his cheek.
We arrive at the restaurant and he opens my door. Oh, my nialler. What a gentleman. He takes my hand and leads me inside.
We sit at a table and a waitress stands by us waiting.
Niall groans "can't I just order everything? How do I choose?" he complains
"Why don't you just get what I get? I know how hard it is for you to pick!" I suggest
He nods.
I look at the waiter. "Could I please have a main lasagna, a main chips, a main carbonara and a water?" I ask while she records it all on her notepad.
"I'll have the same thanks." Niall says while the waitress raises her eyebrows.
The waitress leaves and Niall puts his arm around me. "I love girls with big appetites." he smiles.
People wouldn't think Niall and I eat much because of our figures but it's the complete opposite. All we do is eat. It's one of the main things we have in common.
We chat while our food is being prepared but i can't resist the urge any longer. I have to ask what he wanted to tell me.
"hey Niall?" I ask
"yeah?" he says
"what was it that you wanted to tell me?" I say curiously
"Oh. Right. Well.." he trails
"go on.." I urge
"I was thinking and i really love to sing." he says
"that's cool but couldn't you of texted me that or told me at school?" I ask
He shakes his head. "I'm not finished.. Anyway.. I was thinking about auditioning for the xfactor.." he tells me.
"the xfactor?" I repeat
I die a bit inside but tell myself to stop being jealous and be happy for him.
"Yeah.. The xfactor" he says
"Niall. That's great." I whisper blinking away my tears.
It would mean that i wouldn't see my beautiful boy.
"Hannah. I was wondering if you would come with me?" He asked smiling.
"I would love to Niall but-"
Niall cut me off "yay.!" he shouted
"Niall. I can't." I whisper
"why not? You said you wanted to audition and this would be great! We would be together for the long ride and we would be able to support eachother!" He says raising his tone a little.
"I have bree to take care of and and a whole house to run!" I say
"You have your dad with her!" he states
"You know perfectly well that he is in no state to take care of a ten year old!" I shout.
He takes my hand. "It was just a thought." He whispers a tear rolling down his cheek.
I look away and change the conversation.
We eat our food in silence (EVERYONE KNOWS NOT TO DISTURB NIALL OR I WHEN WE ARE EATING!!) and then pay the bill
"Niall let me pay for some this price is ridiculous." I plead
"No. It's fine." he says.
We get in the car and he mentions the xfactor again.
"It dosent matter anyway! I'll be back really soon because I not get through!" He reassures me. I tear away from his loving glance because it is not true.
"Niall. Your an amazing singer. You'll get through!" I cry.
"when are you leaving?" I ask
He sighs and ignores me.
"I said, when are you leaving?" I demand
"tommorow." he whispers
"Tommorow?" I ask.
"yeah.." he whispers
"the auditions are in a couple of days and I have to make sure I'm in England on time." he tells me.
He kisses me goodnight before I walk inside.
"Goodbye." He says
"Bye." I whisper.
A tear rolls down my cheek as I walk away from my boyfriend for who knows how long.
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