Is this love or popularity?

Tahlia Peterson is sick of her boyfriend, sick of her house, and sick of life. Her brother and her stepfather decided to pay for her to live in London. They bought her a flat, college funds and gave her enough money for 2 years. Now she's setting off for a whole new life, will she get any more opportunities? Does she know what she wants from life now? To find out, read!


3. Room mates

I raced out of the airport and into my car, glimpsing back just to see the boy band staring at me. Shit why were they staring? AHH! 10 minutes later I was unpacking in my hotel room. It was really fancy. I heard a knock at the door. Who the hell would that be?

Damn, that girl was pretty. All of the boys admitted it, but wow. Like WOW. I decided we would follow her. Just a bit. Then I realized we were at our hotel. She was at our hotel! Yes! I watched a blonde guy get out of his car and decided to follow him inside, just in case. He knocked on room C3, and the girl opened it. I quickly ducked around the corner to listen.

"Heyy Baby. Why did you leave meh?" said the guy

"Because I'm sick of you and your drinking and I broke up with you. Now piss off!" she exclaimed. I heard some movement, snuck to the door and saw the guy had cornered her. I listened to her protest, but him cut in.

"Baby, I know you're lying, now you're coming HOME." he snarled. I turned the corner just in time to see her knee him in the balls and punch him in the face. He hit the floor, cowering. She stood over him proudly. Until she noticed me.

"Y-You?" she stammered.

"Uh, hi I'm-"

"Harry styles. I know. Why are you here?" 

"We stay here as well.." I explained. She nodded, and gestured to the guy on the floor.

"Help me get him out of here?" she asked. I nodded, and together we carried him outside and she kicked him. 

"Don't you ever come back, Seth."  she warned. Then she looked to me.

"Sorry for dumping this on you; he's my ex. I just moved here." she explained.

"Oh sure, but won't you get lonely in that apartment? You could stay with us, we have an extra bed, and it would save you money." I asked , while my mind was saying 'WTF ARE YOU DOING?' . She looked taken aback, and then blushed as red as her hair.

"Okay, I guess so." she mumbled with a smile. I took her hand, making sure she was ok with it, then she went to get her stuff while I asked the boys.
I walked into our hotel room. Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall were sprawled on the couch watching TV. I cleared my throat and they looked up at me.

"Soo... Well have a visitor.. For the whole summer. The girl is staying with us.. Is that ok?" u got it all out quickly. They exchanged looks, muttered and nodded. She burst in carrying her stuff.

"Let's get you sorted!"
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