Is this love or popularity?

Tahlia Peterson is sick of her boyfriend, sick of her house, and sick of life. Her brother and her stepfather decided to pay for her to live in London. They bought her a flat, college funds and gave her enough money for 2 years. Now she's setting off for a whole new life, will she get any more opportunities? Does she know what she wants from life now? To find out, read!


2. London, I'm coming for ya

Tahlias POV:
I had booked my ticket. I was ready for take off. I say in 1st class, feeling like I didn't belong here. I was surrounded by posh rich people. I was just... Not like them. At all. I had a feeling I was being stared at. I turned around to stare back, just to find 5 boys, around my age, 18. One of them was blonde. He was eating crips whilst reading a book. The boy next to the window had light brown hair, and was eating a carrot and looking outside at the ground as we were taking off. The boy on the other side of the blonde was more tanned than the rest. He had dark brown hair styled nicely into a... Style. It was gorgeous. The boy next to him also had brown hair. I could t see his eyes because they we're looking down at an IPhone. The final boy was staring right at me. When he saw me looking he blushed a little and looked away. He has a head of brown curls and his eyes were a beautiful green color. I quickly turned around as a flight attendant came in with a tray of food. I took a juice. She stopped at the boys and gasped.

"your.. Your.."

The blonde looked up and said, "We're one direction . We get that a lot. Now I'll take some toast!" his cute Irish accent rang through my ears. One direction? That's who they were? Wow.
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