Is this love or popularity?

Tahlia Peterson is sick of her boyfriend, sick of her house, and sick of life. Her brother and her stepfather decided to pay for her to live in London. They bought her a flat, college funds and gave her enough money for 2 years. Now she's setting off for a whole new life, will she get any more opportunities? Does she know what she wants from life now? To find out, read!


1. Leaving town

Tahlia's POV:
I woke up at 1:30 am to my phone ringing. I picked it up. It was my boyfriend, Seth. "heyy babe." he slurred . He wasn't even drunk, I mean, what does he want from me? "What?" I snapped angrily.
"aww babe just wanted to hear you-" I cut him off.
"No Seth. I told you . You're disturbing my sleep! Now, I'm tired of it. Can you please just leave me alone? " I hung up. I hated him now. He used to be so cute and cuddly but.. No. He's just a stupid coward. I ran downstairs . I decided to watch a movie to take my mind off things. I drifted off, into a cold dreamless sleep.

—-•-— in the morning

I sat up groggily. My red hair was a mess. I couldn't untangle the knots. It was usually dead straight but after a night of Seth calling and tossing and turning I couldn't keep it that way very well. My stepfather had left a note.

Have to go to work. Noticed you crying in sleep. Have left you enough money for London.
Best wishes, Timothy.

I knew what he was talking about. He thought I should move to london. Maybe I did need a break, I mean, I hate this place . I had no friends. Just my step dad, Seth and my brother. I grabbed the money, jotted down a note for Tim and grabbed a few clothes. Then I swooped out the door, heading for the airport.
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