True Love Forever - Janoskians Love Story

Hello. This story is about a girl from Perth. She moves to Melbourne, and lives with her two best friends. She and her best friends meets the love of their dreams. The question is... will it last? Forever?


2. The Bet Is So On!

Katelyn's POV:

   When we got to the corner store, I was about to go up to the counter but something caught my eye. It was a sign that said 'Win tickets to One Direction's 2012-2013 concert! Win here!' There was an arrow pointing down to the one piece of paper. I picked it up to see if there was any credit card having to do with it. Nothing like that. You just go to the counter. So I did. I showed the girl standing on the other side.

   "Hello, I um wanted to know how I could win a few tickets." I said to her.

   "You won. You are the first one. We just put that there 2 minutes ago. I guess we put it at the right spot just for you and a few other lucky friends." She said smiling at me.

   I just stood there staring at the piece of paper. I just won freaking One Direction tickets! OMG! I started to scream and jump around. I heard chuckling from the girl on the other side of the counter. I calmed down to hear someone say 'What's wrong with her?' I turned around to see all of the boys and girls just confusingly looking at me.

   "I just won FREAKING ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!" I screamed.

   "Wait, what?!" Luke asked, excited. They all ran up to me. I turned to the cashier.

   "How many did I win though?" I asked her.

   "How many do you want?" She asked.

   I turned around to the boys and girls. "Who wants to go see One Direction in concert?" I asked. They all shoot their hand up. I counted how many of is there was. 5 boys and 5 girls. 10 people.

   "So 10 people? I have a few more then 10. Is there anyone else you kids want to bring?" the girl asked.

   "I don't have anyone. What about you kids?" I asked.

   "No one that we know of." Luke answered.

   "Then just us 10?" I asked.

   They all nodded, so I turned to the cashier. "Where is the concert though?" I asked.

   "Sydney. Also, it comes with backstage passes. All 10 of yous get to meet One Direction backstage." the girl answered. I heard screaming from behind me. I smiled and checked the time on my iPhone.

   "Here's the tickets. It will be on September 13th. I think that's one of their birthdays, right?" the cashier asked.

   "Yeah, Niall's. My birthday too. Can I have two more tickets? I have two sisters from Canada that I want to bring. Hoping they can." I explained.

   "Here you go. 12 tickets to see One Direction on September 13th in Sydney. Free tickets and free backstage passes. Hope you have a wonderful time with One Direction. Are you going to buy anything?" the cashier said/asked as she handed a little box where the tickets and backstage passes are.

   "Yes. We want to know if there's any type of chili? Or anything hot really." I asked the cashier.

   "Yeah. There's chili over there. It's one of the hottest we got here." The cashier said pointing to where it it.

   "Thanks." I said, smiling which she returned a smile to me too.

   We walked over to where the cashier said it was at. I looked at the chili's they got. I turned to look at everyone. They all looked at me with a big happy smile.

   "What's up in your heads?" I asked, laughing.

   "One, you are betting us on this chili challenge. We should do more than the chili challenge! Two, One Direction tickets? FREE! Three, well... we are happy to meet you." Luke said.

   "Well, my dad always said that I was always good luck. I don't get why, but he always tell me that I am." I said, smiling.

   I heard the door open. I looked to see who it could be. My dad. He looked worried. I walked over to him, to greet him.

   "Hey! What's up daddy?" I greeted.

   "Oh-uh, just wondering where you were. What's in the box? What are you buying? Are you going to buy anything for me? What's going o-" My dad said, trying to change the subject.

   "For fathers sake, why are you worried?" I asked, a bit annoyed.

   "Your mother called. She said that-uh, Doug got arrested. Your mother wants you to go back to her. She doesn't want you here anymore. She hates me for the fact that you chose me over her. She's your moth-" my dad said, as a tear fell down my cheek I interrupted him.

   "No." I said.

   "She's your mother." my dad said.

   "No." I repeated more angry.

   "Katelyn-" my dad said, but I again interrupted.

   "No. I'm not going to Canada." I said.

   "She lives in Sydney." my dad corrected me.

   "When she move?" I asked.

   "Just after Doug got arrested. I made a deal with her. You're allowed to see her every once in a while. She said that she just wants you to be happy. She thinks I'm not doing anything to make you happy." my dad said as a tear fell from his eyes.

   "She is wrong. You're doing everything for me. You're my father. You may have left before I was born not taking a chance for me. But you took me, away from the death of my life. I will call mum, to see what she says about me saying no. Oh, and I won One Direction tickets. It's in Sydney on my birthday. Maybe I should bring my two sisters?" I said.

   "Uh-yeah. Sure you can call her." my dad said, worriedly.  

   "What's wrong?" I asked my dad.

   "You're sisters. They are not here. Your mother is alone. That's the reason why she wants you there. She wants someone other than James." my dad said to me.

   "MY SISTERS ARE DEAD?!" I yelled.

   "No! They are in England. With someone that I shouldn't mention." my dad said smiling.

   "Why are you smiling?" I asked him. 

   "You really want me to tell you?" He asked.

   "YES!" I yelled impatiently.

   "They're with Niall. He's your cousin." My dad told me while about to cover his ear.

   I stood there in shock. Niall James Horan is my... cousin?! "What the fuck?" I cursed "Why in the whole entire world did you not tell me this? I'm dead serious, father."

   "Don't call me father or you're ready for a fight. Sorry, I set this whole 'you won 1D tickets' thing so you can meet them. Niall was so happy that his own cousin that he haven't met is a huge fan." My dad explained.

   "To bad, I called you father, father. And oh my god you're my favorite person in the world I can seriously- never mind." I said, but cutting myself off.

   My dad smiled before walking out of the store. I looked at my tickets and smiled. I turned around to see all the faces that I'm glad I met. They all looked at me with shock, but smiled and came up to me and they all hugged me. I could hear each of them mumbling 'thank you'.

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