I can't do it anymore!

"Melissa I've told you a million times you better do what I say!!"
"please Danny I'm sorry I just was talking to him, it's not like we were making out! I don't get why your so mad at me!"
"because melissa I've told you, you belong to me not that dumb ass Niall!"
"I can't do this anymore we were just talking and if you can't accept that then maybe I'm done!" as soon as I said that I knew what was coming I saw his eyes fill with rage and he raised his hand and slapped me across the face I felt myself stumble backwards into the wall hitting my head.
"YOU STUPID WHORE YOU'RE NOT BREAKING UP WITH ME!" he crept closer to me he pulled out his pocket knife and held it against my neck
"get up!" he demanded I did as I wa told he then smiled at me evilly
"you know Melissa I've treated you so well and what do you do for me in return" he was holding the knife and I felt the cold blad dig into my skin I wrenched in pain as he took the knife always and wiped the blood on me he then left me there...


1. Where am I?

I woke up being rushed threw a long white cooradoor with a terrible pain in my left sholder then it all started flooding back how he just left me there to die like I was nothing how could he do that I thought he loved me! I heard a frimilar Irish accent "she's waking up!"
I tried to speak but no words would come out I looked up and our eyes met, "hey Melissa do you remember what happened?" I shock my head "Melissa? Melissa? MELISSA?" those were the last words I heard before falling into a deep sleep

I woke up in a white room with a bandage covering my left sholder I heard the constant beeps 'beep beep beep' I looked around and saw him sleeping awkwardly on a hospital sofa
"Niall" it can out as a whisper
"Niall?" I said again louder then I expected to he jumped and fell stright onto his bum
"meliasa you're awake!" he smiled and his eyes felled with joy
"Niall it isn't safe for you, you have to believe me Danny tried to kill me, he wants to kill you too!"
His eyes liked with consern "Melissa listen the police found him he's in custody. He won't beable to hurt either of us, I promise." I felt like a thousand pounds were lifted off my cheat "Niall how did you find me?" I asked confused
"well I heard you whimpering behind the dumpster so I walked over and saw you, you were injured pretty bad so I called the ambulance" he grabbed my hand I felt magic go threw me
"Niall you're amazing I lov-" I was cut off by him kissing me, his lips were so soft and warm his tough poked at my lips begging for entrance I gladly let it in, I nipples on his bottom lip and he let out a soft moan.
"Melissa I've honestly never felt like this before I love you" I could see it in his eyes the lush
"I live you too" age then kissed my forehead
"You should get some rest, you're being discharged tomorrow morning" and with thr I fell asleep
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