When Stella is playing a harmless game of hide and go seek with her best friend, Nicole, strange things start to happen. The two friends find themselves in a strange world with only one way out. Will the girls find this way out, will they make it out alive???


2. The Mirror

As Nicole and I were waiting for Micheal to find us. I could feel a slight breeze on my arm. "Can you feel a breeze?" I asked Nicole. "Ummh......actually i can," she replied curiously. Then with no warning I could feel myself being pulled towards the mirror, as if it was sucking me in. "Argh what's happening?" asked Nicole with a scared look on her face. "I don't know," I replied in a confused sort of way. The suction started to get stronger and it became harder to maintain my position. "What do we do?" Nicole asked, her voice sounding deep. "I don't know, try hold......." I yelled. I was trying to say that we should hold onto something but my voice also became deep and it faded away until you could no longer here me. Nicole suddenly lost her balance and fell backwards towards the mirror, I looked behind me and watched her disappear into the mirror. "NOOOOO!!!!! NICOLE!!" I screamed, as I tried to reach for her, but it was too late. I had to make a desicion, should I jump into the mirror and try to follow Nicole? Or should I stay here and risk never seeing my best friend again? She'll also be left all alone. NO! I had to do the right thing and that was to give in and jump into the mirror. I counted to myself 1, 2 ,3 and I jumped with just a second of hesitation. I screamed as I lept forward towards the mirror. As I passed through the mirror it felt cold and a shock of pins and needles passed through my whole body. After that I blacked out for a few minutes, well at least it felt like a few minutes. I then woke up to the sound of whispering and giggling. I slowly opened my eyes, it was blurry but I could see a small figure hovering over me. I blinked a couple of times just to try and correct my vision. The figure slowly came into focus and soon I could see what it looked like. Although I could see it, I had no idea what it was. It had two pointy ears and a small round head. It's body was like a long and floaty white dress and it had a pair large transparent wings. I quickly sat up and looked around, where was I? There were trees everywhere I looked. I saw several of the white floaty things with two pointy ears, they were all hovering around me. They were staring and pointing at me like I was a freak or something. I saw that Nicole was lieing next to me with her eyes closed. I tryed to get up and walk over to her but I couldn't, my head was sore and throbbing. I must have hit my head because when I rubbed the back of it I noticed that I had blood on my hand. The wound stung but I had to see if Nicole was okay. Again I tryed to get up and again I could not, I felt dizzy and heavy. The white floaty dresses just hovered there glancing back and forth to me and Nicole. "Where am I?" I asked the white floaty dresses. They all gasped and started to whisper amoung eachother, I couldn't make out what they were saying, I'm not even sure that it was English. Then suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nicole shoot up with her back up straight. "Nicole!" I yelled, "don't freak out. It's okay we are going to be okay." I just knew she was going to freak out, Nicole was the type of person who got scared of almost everything. "Stella, what's going on?" she asked. She tryed to get up and was more successful than I was. She walked over to me and held out her hand indicating for me to grab onto it. "I think we fell into the mirror," I answered. I grabbed a hold of Nicole's and she pulled me up off the ground. "What are those white things floating around us?" she pointed out. At that the white floaty dresses all pointed behind us. Nicole and I then turned around and there was a frame with a mirror in it. I moved closer to the mirror. I saw a young 14 year old girl with long shiny blonde hair and crystal blue eyes staring back at me. It was me, my reflection, but the background was not of this forrest that we had ended up in, but of the attic at the top of my new house. "This is where we came through right?" whispered Nicole. "Yeah I think so, but how do we get back? That is the question," I stated. I turned towards the white floaty dresses, Nicole followed. "Do you know where we are?" I asked them. They all looked at eachother until one of them came forward and started to speak. I couldn't understand them, I think they were talking in a different language. I turned around and looked at Nicole who was staring at the white floaty dress. She kept nodding her head, this made me think 'Could she understand it?' The floaty dress stopped talking and Nicole asked, "Do understand what the thing said?" "Yeah, and there're not things there're called Starlits. They said that we have been chosen for something, that is why we were pulled into the mirror." she stated, "They also want us to follow them, there're going to take us to someone who can help us." "But we don't even know them, they could be bad," I whispered into her ear. "Well have you got any other ideas?" she said with a bit of frustration. "Well, no I don't,"I replied. "Then come on," she ordered. The white floaty dresses, well Starlits, led the way as Nicole and I followed behind.

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