When Stella is playing a harmless game of hide and go seek with her best friend, Nicole, strange things start to happen. The two friends find themselves in a strange world with only one way out. Will the girls find this way out, will they make it out alive???


1. Hide and Seek

"......18, 19,20!! Ready or not here I come." I heard my brother, Micheal, yell from the room next to me. I quickly hid behind the cream coloured curtain that draped over a beautifully framed window. Ever since we moved to this new house, which was about 3 months ago now, I have loved looking out this window as it portrays the most beautiful view in the house. And luckly for me it was also in my bedroom. I heard Micheal approaching, I moved my hand up to my chin and pressed it hard against my mouth so that Micheal couldn't hear me breathing. He slowly walked around my room, I heard him open my wardrobe then close it again. I knew he was going to find me, I mean come on it's like the most popular hiding space. Suddenly there was a loud thump that came from Micheal's room which just had to be opposite mine. I heard Micheal run out of my room and into his own, probably to inspect what had made the noise. "Pssst PSSST...Stella!!" "Who said that?" I asked the mysterious voice. "It's me. I'm over here," replied the voice. I tip toed towards the mysterious voice. "Nicole!" I exclaimed. It was my best friend, she had long shiny golden brown locks and cute rosy cheeks. Her eyes were my most favoured feature of hers. Closer to her pupil there was a thin ring of brown, then a slightly thicker circle of green that faded into blue as it neared the edge of her irus. "Let's hide together somewhere," she stated. Nicole grabbed my arm and we sneeked over to my bedroom door. We could see Micheal struggling to pick up his box of junk, which he called treasure. His box of junk must have fallen off the shelf that it had been resting on, causing the loud thump that had distracted Micheal. We made a break for it, we ran past his bedroom door and ran up the stairs at the end of the hall way. "Hey we should hide in the attic. He'll never think to look in there," I said excitedly. With that we ran past another few doors that led into other rooms. We got to the cupboard that had a set of pull out stairs that led to the attic. We pulled the stairs out and started to climb, when we got to the top of the stairs I ran my hand along the wall to the left of us. I felt a switch and flicked it upwards, instantly the attic lit up and we could see into every corner of the attic. There were lots of boxes that were covered in dust and cob webs, there was a large book case that covered the whole wall on the right side of the room. There were stacks of frames and paintings in one corner and next to that there was tall object that was covered with an old dusty looking cloth. Nicole and I explored the attic for a while and found lots of really old stuff, like clothing and jewellery. The books in the book case that stretch across the wall, looked as if they hadn't been touched for years as there was a thick layer of dust on them. I was just about to pull the cloth off of the tall object when we heard someone pull out the stairs that led to the attic. "Quickly we'll hide under this," I whispered, pointing to the tall object covered by the cloth. We carefully lifted the cloth up and stood next to the mirror that it had been covering. We then could hear, who we pressumed was Micheal, making his way up the stairs. Nicole and I quickly put the cloth back over us and the mirror.


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