You Make My Heart Weak.


1. Starbucks


Lilly walked out of the bathroom in the mall and huffed in frustration as she saw the empty bench where Leah was supposed to be sitting.

“Fucking bitch.” She said, looking all around but of course Leah was nowhere to be found. “Well fuck it!” she said to herself only to run straight into someone, she fell back glaring up at whoever it was.

“Watch where you’re fu—“she quit talking when she realized she was looking into the clearest blue eyes she’d ever seen... There was blond hair... Braces... This could only mean one thing. Niall Horan.

“I’m so sorry. Oh God so sorry.”  She said, her eyes widening as he held out his hand to help her up and bright smile on his face. She was in love, so in love.

“It’s my fault doll.” He said to her, and his accent melted her whole entire world, she didn’t even remember why she was mad in the first place. His smile, his eyes, everything about him entranced her, even more than the pictures on Tumblr.

When Lilly grabbed Niall’s hand and he pulled her up, he felt like his whole arm was on fire. She was not only the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on but he already felt different around her.

“I’m the one who’s sorry love.” He said, half-smiling at her. “Can I get you anything, are you hurt?” he questioned.

Lilly just kind of stood there awkwardly for a minute before she realized he was actually talking to her. “Me... Um I’m not hurt. I’m okay.” She stammered out, mentally smacking herself for how awkward she sounded.

Niall laughed softly and nodded his head. “Alright good then. Do you… um want to go get coffee with me?” he asked and even though he should have been confident in asking, he was actually extremely nervous that she’d say no.

Is he fucking crazy, have coffee with him… I will do anything he wants. Is what Lilly wanted to say, but she just nodded her head and asked “Where at?” being this awkward was Lilly’s thing, she was always like this.

They ended up going to Starbucks, the barista asked for his autograph and all the girls gawked. Lilly felt like she was floating on a cloud, all these jealous bitches were staring at her.. Well Niall… but her too because she was with him and they were all jealous because reasons.  She ordered a Vanilla Bean Frappe and followed Niall to a table. They talked, and the more they talked the more they realized they had things in common. He made her laugh and he understood her brutally honest sense of sarcasm. He called her cute multiple times and basically she was in love. Niall had never been like this around any girl, never opened up. He loved the way he could make her laugh, and how cute she was when she smiled, so far there wasn’t a think about this girl that he didn’t like.

“So… why were you running so hard when you knocked me over?” she asked, taking another drink of her Frappe.

“Well, to be totally honest, I tripped and my glasses fell off and I started getting chased, so I turned the corner when I saw the bathroom sign and boom, ran straight into you.” He said, laughing nervously. “I’m kind of glad that you did.” She said, smiling at him, and looking down at the table. “Me too.” Niall said, at the same time his phone started buzzing like crazy. “Oh shit, fuck, balls.” He said, pushing his chair back and getting up. “I have to go but.. What’s your number? I’ll call you, text you, whatever, y’know?” he asked.

Lilly wrote her name down on a piece of the napkin and ripped it off, handing it to him. “Don’t forget” she said, smiling. He nodded, and with that he dashed out of the store, hurrying through the mall.

She was proud of herself, she went that whole time without fangirling, or mentioning One Direction. Lilly waited a few days, constantly staring at her phone and waiting to get a text from his number, but it never came. She was disappointed, but in the back of her mind she had kind of been expecting it, I mean she wasn’t a celebrity, she wasn’t any one special, she was just Lilly Baur.  But literally as soon as she got disappointed her phone buzzed with a new text

Hi love, sorry this took so long I kind of lost your number, but obviously I found it. – Niall.

Lilly fangirled and flopped around on her bed, screaming before she replied to the text. The conversation went on for hours, back and forth, neither one of them wanted to stop.

For about a week Niall and Lilly texted every day, from the time they woke up until they finally fell asleep. Lilly felt like her life was perfect, and to make it even better the rest of the boys were tweeting about Niall’s mystery girl.

Niall finally asked Lilly on a date that next Friday, but he’d have to make plans to fly into St. Louis. He’d already established who he was, and Lilly had already known, thought she kept her tumblr & twitter names to herself no matter how many times he asked, wait til they were dating, then let him see the fangirling cause he’d think it was cute then, right? Who cares, she had a date with Niall Fucking Horan!


Friday arrived and Niall called her to tell her he had just landed and he would be picking her up momentarily, she could have died.

She looked perfect, her red hair was straight and she had a minimal amount of makeup on, everything was perfect, she was determined to make him fall in love with her.

She didn’t even know that he already had.

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