A Summer To Remember

Zoey and Louis had been best friends all their lives. But we're they meant to be more than just friends?...


2. Midnight visitor

Louis' POV I had just arrived home Fromour world tour and hadn't seen Zoey in what felt Like an eternity! She was my very best friend and lived next door. We grew up together. *that night* I was too tired to sleep. I lay in my bed, staring a the ceiling. It felt great to be home finally. I heard the code tap on the window and I got uP to go unlock it. I pulled the window up and saw the top of zoey's head as she climbed up the drain pipe, like she had done a million times before. Her hand reached up and I lifted her in over the windowsill. Her long, straight, dark brown hair hung loose down her back. She had on short pink pajama bottoms and a large white t-shirt, probably stolen from me.:) "hey" she said, smiling at me. Her light green eyes sparkled from the light shining in the window from the moon. "sure took you long enough" I said teasingly. We walked over and climbed in bed. We lay under the thin sheets, facing eachother, just staring. We missed eachothers company so much. "so...how was America?" she asked. "it was great. But out of all the countries we've been to, I must say, england is my favorite." "hey, fancy going to the beach tomorrow night?" she asked excitedly. "sounds great" I replied. We stayed up late talking and were able to catch eachother up on wht had happened over the past few months. Zoey's POV: it felt so good to be close to Lou again. We snuggled up to eachother like he had never gone away. Our lives were back to normal. Only something was different between us. I couldn't quite tell what, but there was something...
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