A Summer To Remember

Zoey and Louis had been best friends all their lives. But we're they meant to be more than just friends?...


3. Just friends?....

*the next day, afternoon* Louis had been visiting friends and family all day and I was growing impatient and jealous. I had been staring the life out of the clock for the past hour and a half. ... Just a few more minuites... Then the doorbell rang. My heart skipped a beat with excitement. I ran to open the door and to my surprise, no one looked back at me when I opened it. Hmmm... That's weird. I thought, looking around. I walked a few steps forward to get a better look down the driveway, when I was lifted off my feet. I let out a scream and before I knew what had happened I was hanging over Louis' shoulder, as he ran round the house. He ran into the house and we both collapsed onto the couch, laughing. I kicked him and said, "do we ALWAYS have to meet this way?!" he laughed and threw a pillow at me. "yep." he said, smiling devilishly. "what fun would it be if we were normal??" he had me there. "okay, you ready to go?" h asked. "yeah I've got some food and a blanket packed." I said. Louis' POV: we packed the car and drove to the nearest beach. It was a warm, sunny, July afternoon and the ocean looked delightful. We hauled our stuff down a path, leading to our own secret stretch of beach. We had accidentally happened upon this place when we were about six or seven years old. It had been our secret ever since. Zo spread out the blanket and walked over to the water. I jumped up and ran after her. We stood, ankle deep in the cool, salty water, letting it wash over our feet, replacing the sand beneath us with each crash of a wave. The sun had just begun lowering over the horizon, turning the sky a soft shade of orange. We turned to look at eachother and smiled. Something was different. What was it?... I had never before noticed how. Beautiful she really was. She had a cute, natural beauty, and was every bit as crazy and fun loving as me. As the sun slowly sank below the horizon, we reminisced about our childhood. "well, that ocean looks pretty inviting to me, I don't know about you, love" I said. "what are we waiting for then?" she asked, standing up and taking my hand. she pulled me up and I took off my shirt. I smiled at her, challenging her. The best part of this friendship was just how comfortable and close we were. She took off her shirt aswell. This continued until we both stood in our underwear. I felt young and free tonight. I took off my final item of clothing and ran to the water. I dove in and motioned for her to follow. She made a face and sat down. I ran out and stood over her, dripping. She looked up at me. "well do you need an invitation?" I asked, with a chuckle, and she smiled. Neither of us had on any clothes. I bent down and picked her up. She was thin and light, so I ran down to the water. "NO LOUIS NO NO NO NO!" she yelled. I could tell she was enjoying it though. "put me down NOW Tomlinson!" by now we were standing knee deep in the waves. A huge smile crossed me face and she looked at me in horror, realizing what she had done. "Okay then!" I said, dropping her I to the water. She resurfaced, spitting water out and laughing. Zoey's POV: The sun was nearly gone, and the sky was a beautiful range of blues and purples. "I'm so glad to be back." Louis said. We stood, face to face and he took my hand in his. I felt this strange longing for him. My body was drawn towards him but I fought it. There was no way he felt that way too. We were just FRIENDS. Louis pov:We looked into eachothers eyes and I felt so attracted to her. She had and amazing body. I couldn't help but stare. My head screamed to stay away, but I couldn't obey. Zoey's POV: Our eyes met and I felt his hand on my wais. He pulled me slowly forward, until our bodies met. His chest was warm, and I could feel his heartbeat. His muscular arms held our bodies. Close together, and I couldn't think. In an instant our lips met. As cheesy as this sounds, there WERE fireworks. A warm pleasure filled my body, as his soft, sweet lips met mine. We separated and stared at eachother for a minuite. "this doesn't make any sense" I said, looking into his sparkling eyes. "that's why I trust it..." he said, pulling me in again.
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