A Summer To Remember

Zoey and Louis had been best friends all their lives. But we're they meant to be more than just friends?...


1. Surprise!

Zoeys POV: "Hello love!" I heard the familiar voice and about a millisecond later I was nearly knocked over by the impact. I was caught in the tight embrace of Louis. "Lou! Youre back!" exclaimed, in complete shock. His strong arms were still wrapped around me. "you could've told me you were coming home!" I said, punching him playfully. He stepped back and grabbed my wrists, beginning a wrestling match. I struggled, but knew I was no match. He let me win for a little while, then easily pinned me on the ground. His muscular arms held me down so I had absolutely no chance of getting free. "I wanted to surprise you" he sai with a cheeky grin, looking down at me.
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