Who Knew?

Christina Rivers was a normal 17 year old girl. She was 5'9 , had long, curly, brown hair, and green eyes. She was skinny. She had a good life. She lived in Miami, FL. Therefore she was VERY tan. She had two best friends. Joanna, and Hannah. They were on the way to London for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. On the way there, Christina gets an accidental text from Harry Styles. From there the story begins.


2. To the park! *Kinda short:/*

We got off the plane, and and went into the airport. My mom started to talk to some lady to call us a cab. When the cab arrived we all got in and headed to our hotel.

 Me , Hannah and Joanna shared a room, and my mom and dad shared a room. Our room had two beds, me and Hannah shared and Joanna got her own bed. We unpacked our things. We put the toiletries in the bathroom, and our clothes in the dresser. I turned on the TV and the news was on. Weather, News, Weather, missing person. Nothing interesting.

When we were done unpacking, we decided to go out for some lunch. We settled on Nando's. We walked there, it was only about a ten minute walk. We sat down at a table and waited for a waitor. Finally one came. We ordered teas and chicken sandwiches.

While we were waiting on our food to come I decided to text Harry. 'Hey, Harry whens the concert?'

I sent it. I waited for the reply, about 20 seconds later my phone buzzed. 'It's on the 3rd.At 9:00.' he replied. Crap only 3 days. 'Kay thanks.' I replied. Just then our food got there. We munched it down like nobody's buisness. We walked back home.

I looked at the clock. 1:30. "It's only one thirty." I told Hannah. "Joanna?" Hannah asked. "Yeah?" Joanna said from the bathroom. "Do you want to go to the park?" Hannah asked her. She just nodded. I wore a peach- colored loose top and shorts, with my white sandals. Hannah wore a purple floral dress with some black flip-flops, and Joanna wore a t-shirt that said 'LIVE or D!E' and some black shorts, with her black converse.

When we got to the park we sat on the bench, and watched the sky. "So are you excited?" I asked Hannah. "About meeting One Direction?... No, im so incredibally not excited, of course I am are you stupid?" We both laughed. "Woah woah woah, did you say meet One Direction?" Joanna asked. Darn, we forgot to tell her.  "Yeah, long story short, we got a text from Harry Styles and he said he wanted us to come to his next concert. with backstage passes." I explained. "Who's all going?" "Me you and Hannah." I motioned towared Hannah. "Me? WHy do I have to go?" She exclaimed. "You dont have anything better to do." I said. "Do I have to go.?" She asked. "Yes, please for me?" I begged. "Fine, but I'm bringing earplugs."

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