Who Knew?

Christina Rivers was a normal 17 year old girl. She was 5'9 , had long, curly, brown hair, and green eyes. She was skinny. She had a good life. She lived in Miami, FL. Therefore she was VERY tan. She had two best friends. Joanna, and Hannah. They were on the way to London for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. On the way there, Christina gets an accidental text from Harry Styles. From there the story begins.


5. The Concert. *Short*

(*A/N Hi, okay so thank you guys who are commenting I want feedback, and remember I want a co-author so if your interested kik me @ 1_D_4_L.*)

Hannah's POV:

I screamed as loud as I could. One Direction was now on the stage, they were all so gorgeous. Then the music started, i could tell it was One Thing, i listen to their music all day."I've tried playing it cool, but when im looking at you, i cant ever be brave, cuz you make my heart race." Liam sang. "Shot me out of the sky, your my kyrptonite, you keep making me weak, yeah frozen and cant breath." That was Harrys part. Harry was 'to me' the best looking one, it was his curls, and his dimples, he was so cute. I looked over to Christina who was staring Niall down. Niall was her favorite.He had blonde hair and blue eyes. I looked over to Joanna, Who had her earphones in. She wasnt looking at her Ipod though, she was looking at something onstage.I followed the path from her eyes to the stage. She was looking at Zayn. Zayn was tall, and had jet black hair, and chocolate brown eyes. I knew she would like at least one of them. I nudged her arm and she shot me a look. I held my hands up in defence, and started to sing along again. When the song was over, they walked off stage. We waited about 10 minutes and then someone came over the intercom. "Attention all people with a backstage pass, attention all people with a backstage pass.Please head to the nearest exit, a security guard will meet you there, and escort you backstage." I motioned for Christina and Joanna. We went to the exit and waited for a security guard.There was only 2 other girls there. One of the girls was checking out Joannas shirt. Joanna didnt notice but if she did, there would have been a fight. I fake coughed. The girl looked at me, i smirked at her, and she gave me a sarcastic smile. After that she just talked with her friend. I think their names were Jessica, and Becca. Finally the security gaurd came. He just said "Follow me" and we did as we were told.

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