Who Knew?

Christina Rivers was a normal 17 year old girl. She was 5'9 , had long, curly, brown hair, and green eyes. She was skinny. She had a good life. She lived in Miami, FL. Therefore she was VERY tan. She had two best friends. Joanna, and Hannah. They were on the way to London for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. On the way there, Christina gets an accidental text from Harry Styles. From there the story begins.


3. Shopping in London

(*A/N Hi guys, okay so I have a question. Do you think I should do a chapter in like Joanna/ Hannah's P.OV.? I want input and advice please. I hope you like this chapter:) xxx *) Note*The date is September 2nd*

"MOM, DAD WELL BE BACK IN 2 HOURS!" I yelled to my parents in their room. "OKAY!" they yelled back."Come on let's go." I said to Hannah and Joanna.

We caught a taxi and headed to a mall. I went into a lot of stores untill I found the perfect outfit for the concert. It was a white,loose,long sleeved, top, with a pair of ripped blue shorts. The shoes were black ankle boots. 

Hannah's outfit was as always a dress. It was cute. The top was jean and tight then the bottom was light pink and flowy. She had brown boots too. It would look great on her.

Joannas outfit was not a suprise. She had a 'Sleeping with Sirens' t-shirt, blue ripped skinny jeans. and when I say 'ripped, I mean 'RIPPED, and batman converse. 

We all bought our things the subtotal was $311.52. Not bad. We headed back to the hotel, and it was 4:00. Dang. It's late. I smelled dinner. "What are we having for dinner mom?" I asked her. "Steak, mashed potatoes, and macoroni." she said. "mmmm, sounds great." I kissed her cheek and walked back to our room.

We watched TV. Then Joanna turned it down. "Hey I was watching that!" hannah said. "I dont care, we need to talk." Joanna said "About what?" i said "This concert. It's tomorow." she said. "What about it?" i asked. "Does your mom know about it?" she asked.  I sat up. "No, ill go ask her." I walked back into the kitchen "Hey mom can I ask you something?" I asked. "Of course honey." she said. I sighed and started. "Okay well while we were on the plane I got a text from someone named Harry Styles, hes in my favorite band, One Direction, and he was trying to text his friend and he said he wanted to make it up to us by giving me Hannah and Joanna backstage passes to their next concert.Can we go?" I spat it all out so fast. "Um, it's fine with me. Ask your father." she said. "Thanks mom." I said. I ran to my dads room. "Hey, dad can I go to a concert tomorow with Hannah and Joanna its okay with mom?" i asked. "Yeah, thats cool, but dont be out to late." he said. "I wont." I said. I hugged him. I went back to my room. "What did they say?" Hannah asked. "YES!" I squealed. Hannah stared to jump up and down and Joanna stuffed her face in her pillow. 

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