Who Knew?

Christina Rivers was a normal 17 year old girl. She was 5'9 , had long, curly, brown hair, and green eyes. She was skinny. She had a good life. She lived in Miami, FL. Therefore she was VERY tan. She had two best friends. Joanna, and Hannah. They were on the way to London for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. On the way there, Christina gets an accidental text from Harry Styles. From there the story begins.


6. Backstage

(*A/N Okay guys, this is probably not gonna be a very good chapter because I wrote it, and it was good, then my computer just shut down and it didnt save.. Yeah, so im mad, and upset,and im at a writers block. so  sorry:( *)

Christina POV:

We sat down and waited in a large room. It had 3 sofas and 2 Tv's. Me and Hannah talked to each other. And Joanna listened to her music. We waited and by now it was 10:00. When are they coming?  Then they walked throught the door. They gave us each hugs one by one.We took about ten minutes taking pictures. Then everyone finally settled down. 

"Can I sit here?" Niall asked me. I scooted over. "Of course." I said. He smiled at me. "Thank you." "No problem." I smiled back at him. I looked up and Joanna was talking, and laughing with Zayn. I dont blame her. Zayn is pretty sexy. Joanna saw me looking at her and I winked at her. Her cheeks turned from pale to red in a second. Hannah was sitting next to Harry. "What time is it?" i asked Niall. He looked down at his watch "10:30.Why?" he asked me. "We need a ride home." I said. "My mom and dad  are sleeping." "Well, me and the lads can give you a ride." he said. "Thanks," I gave him a smile. Jessica and Becca just left, so we decided to go too.

We all piled into the van. Louis drove, Liam sat up front with Luois, and everyone else squeazed in the back. "Well this is comfortable." Zayn said. "Stop complaining, Zayn." Louis snapped at him. "If you have to, make the girls sit in your laps." Liam snickered, it was meant as a joke, but Zayn took it seriously. He pulled Joanna into his lap. I smiled really big. It was cute. Then Niall pulled me into his lap, and Hannah into Harry's. "No fair!" Louis said. "I want someone to sit in my lap!" Zayn snickered. Liam unbuckled, and sat in Louis lap. We all bursted into laughter. Finally we pulled up to the hotel. "Is this where your staying?" Liam asked us still in Louis lap. "Yeah, why?" I aksed him. "No reason." I started to get out of the car. "Stop!" Zayn said. I turned around. "What?" I asked. He pointed out the window to a little back van. We werent going anywhere. Paparazzi.

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