Who Knew?

Christina Rivers was a normal 17 year old girl. She was 5'9 , had long, curly, brown hair, and green eyes. She was skinny. She had a good life. She lived in Miami, FL. Therefore she was VERY tan. She had two best friends. Joanna, and Hannah. They were on the way to London for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. On the way there, Christina gets an accidental text from Harry Styles. From there the story begins.


1. 6 A.M

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else" My alarm clock sang. I looked over. 6 AM. "Uggh." I looked over to my phone. 3 new messages. 2 missed calls. 'Hey you up yet?' from Joanna at 5:16 AM.  'I'll see you tomorow:)' from +19124532678. Wrong number. 'GET UP!' from Joanna at 5:30 AM. "IM UP!" I yelled to Joanna downstairs. "Good is Hannah up yet?" She asked. "I dont know ill see." I replied."I pulled off the covers, and threw my hair up. i walked to Hannah's room. "You up?" I asked her. "Mhhmm." she mumbled and rolled out of bed. Hannah was 5'2 and had dirty blonde straight hair. She was skinny. "Get dressed." I said and threw a pillow at her.She laughed and shook her head. "I ran downstairs. I opened the cuboard and got out some bread. I put the bread in the toaster, and sat on the table. "Go get dressed." Joanna said. "Im gonna eat breakfast first." I said. She nodded.Joanna was about as tall as me and she had jet black hair. She had blue eyes, and was really skinny.Pop.  I yawned and got the toast. I ran back to my room. I put the toast on the table. I opened my closet. I had just bought a new outfit. So i decided to wear it. It was a half tee. It was pink. I put on my ripped shorts. And white sandals. I brushed my hair. I have naturally curly hair. I liked it.  Today we were going to London with my mom and dad for the closing ceremonies of the olympics. Our flight leaved at 9. I looked in the mirror. I looked okay. I ran to Hannahs room. She looked great. She was wearing a red sundress, and brown boots. "What time is it?" Hannah asked. "Um 7." I said. "Crap.". We both ran downstairs.Joanna was wearing a BVB t-shirt, and ripped skinny jeans with her blue converse. "You look.." I said. "Look like what?" "Dark." I said. She rolled her eyes. "Sorry I dont obsess over those ridiculous boy bands." she said. "One direction, is not a ridiculous boy band" Hannah said. Me and Hannah loved one direction. But Joanna on the other hand. She prefers screamo, and dubstep, that stuff. "Go get in the car." Joanna said.  Me and Hannah grabbed our suitcase and went out to the car. I grabbed my phone and dialled my moms number. "Hello?" my mom answered. "Hey mom, well be at the airport in about 45 minutes." I said. "Okay love you." Love you too bye." I said. Joanna got in the car. We started driving when all of a sudden 'dun du dun du du du dun dun your insecure." Joanna litterally attacked the volume button and turned it all the way down. "Can I change the station?" she asked. "Whatever." I sighed. She changed it to some weird station and all of a sudden i heard. "HEADSTRONG TO TAKE YOU ON HEADSTRONG ILL TAKE ON ANYONE!" Joanna started to sing along. I just put in my earphones and started to play moments by 1D.When we arrived at the airport my mom told us to go give the lady our tickets. We went through security and by now it was 8:50. We sat on the plane. I decided to take a nap. I turned on 'More than this' and listened. After the first minute it stopped playing. I looked down at my phone and I saw it said '1 new message' it was from an unknown number. I opened it. 'hey liam its harry. sorry bout the number change again mate those fans find those things out.' I reread it. Hold on. Harry,Liam,Fans. *Proccesing.* Did I just get texted by Harry Styles?!?!?! I replied back. 

Me-Um, I'm sorry but who is this?

Unknown number- Um Harry, this isnt Liam is it?

Me- No im christina, are you Harry Styles?


Me-Well, this isnt Liam... sorry.

Harry-Sorry for the bother:(

Me-No, its fine.

Harry-Can I make it up to ya?

Me-No need.

Harry-But i want to. how about i give you backstage passes for the next concert?

Me-Okay. Thank you.

Harry-How many do ya need?

Me-Well 3 if thats okay?

Harry-Thats good. Ill see you then ;)


"Hannah wake up!" I shook Hannah awake. "What?" she mumbled. I showed her the messages. Me and her fan girled together. We were going to meet One direction.

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