The only way is down (1D fanfic)

Carmen is going to visit her mom for Christmas, but who knows that there would be a seat delay on the plane? When all hope is gone for Carmen to see her mother for Christams a stranger offers a ride in a private plane with him and his mates. Little did Carmen know that the strangers were One Direction! Carmen and One Direction's plane crashes, can they stay alive long enough to find help? Or do they not make it?


1. Plane delay

"Yes mum, yes!" I say getting frustrated at my mum. She was wanting me to visit her, for Christmas. She kept on calling me and, explaining every thing I needed to bring to her house. She lived in Ireland, and I lived In England. I always wanted to live here, so when I was 16 I moved here.
"Yes mum I will pack everything that you wrote down in the letter. But I have to go and pack for tomorrow." I said rolling my eyes, even though she couldn't see me. "ok love you, bye." that was the last thing she said until it was silent. I packed my suit case and looked at the clock, 12:25 it was already past midnight. I had to wake up at 5:00 AM to make it to my plane. I changed into my pajamas, and fell asleep.
I woke up at 3:40 and rubbed my eyes. I took a quick shower, and changed into a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Then I put on my black VANS shoes and, a hoodie because it was freezing outside. I left at 4:30 and made it to the airport, arriving just in time. I handed the lady my ticket, she had a smile of her face until I handed it to her. Whats wrong with her? Do I look bad or smell? I think, until she interrupts my thoughts. Mrs. We don't have enough seats on the plane. I shook my head in disbelief, "When's your next flight?" she looks at her clip boarded for a minute. "Next week." my mouth drops open, I just stand there. Then I realize someone was tapping my shoulder, "You can come with me and my mates on our private jet" the boy with the hoodie says. I can barely see his face, he keeps his head down not letting me see what he looks like. I feel bad, and stare at him. "If your positive your ok with it, than I would really like to come with you" I say looking at my feet, "yes you can come, my mates won't mind" he says with a smile on his face, which I can barely see because he's still looking at the ground. He picks up my bags, I look at him for a second, I give him a hug and whisper "thank you so much" In his ear. When I look at him, I realize something. Green eyes, curly hair, it was Harry Styles! "Harry?" I ask feeling numb. "Shhhhh!" he says, than I notice the other four boys waiting behind him. Harry pushes me into the plane and we go to our seats. I had wide eyes and my mouth was open, as they took off there hoodies, and there sitting in front of me with smiles on my face was One Direction.


So how's it going so far?!?! 
I'm new at this so please give me time to update. I have school and other things to do, but don't worry I will always update ;) whoever reads this please DO NOT COPY!!! I wrote this myself, do please don't (not trying to be mean btw) I would like people to spread word around about my book please, I promise it will get more interesting :D Can you guys come up with a title and a cover please?? I'm horrible at that part, well luv yah guys! (not in a Love Love way)
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