The only way is down (1D fanfic)

Carmen is going to visit her mom for Christmas, but who knows that there would be a seat delay on the plane? When all hope is gone for Carmen to see her mother for Christams a stranger offers a ride in a private plane with him and his mates. Little did Carmen know that the strangers were One Direction! Carmen and One Direction's plane crashes, can they stay alive long enough to find help? Or do they not make it?


2. Crash......

Carmen's POV

I stared at them for what seemed like for ever, the best thing though is they all stared back at me. "What's your name love?" Liam asked breaking the silence "Carmen"   "pretty name" Harry said making me blush and look at the ground. "We need everyone to be seated, also put on your seat belts." the pilot over the microphone instructed. Harry moved to the seat next to me, after the announcement. "Why are you going to Ireland?" Harry asked after we buckled are seat belts. "My mum wants me to come over for Christmas. You?" "We are going to Niall's house for Christmas." "I love Christmas!!! What are you getting me for Christmas Harry??" Louis said like a little child. "Louis you have to wait until Christmas day, and don't try forcing me to tell you." Harry gave Louis a stern look, I giggled. "We have a problem, I need everyone to hold on tight." the pilot over the announcement said terrified. I looked at Harry petrified. "Harry?!?! What does he mean?" I asked scared, "Carmen calm down." Harry said as he took my hand and rubbed it with his thumb. There was a loud siren, I looked out the window to see that were going down. "Harry! We are going down!!" I said screaming. He huddled with me as we went down. I hit my head against the seat in front of me, that was the last thing I remembered. Then the last words my mum said to me replayed in my mind like a non stop movie.

Harry's POV

Carmen was knocked out, the rest of the boys were screaming and yelling. I held on to Carmen's hand the whole time we plummeted to the earth. I was so scarred, as soon as we hit the ground I hit my head against the seat in front of me. I felt blood trickle down my face, then I blacked out holding Carmen as close as I could to me.


Sorry it's kind of a short chapter :/ but very interesting right?!?! Please spread word about my book! Luv yah! Oh, and sorry about the cliff hanger!! But I'll be writeing  another chapter soon!!
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