Julianna Brooks is a normal 19 year old girl who was living nothing but a simple life. Until....she moved to the UK. Everything's changed since. She had to go to a new school, meet new friends and start a new life. A twist of fate caused her to meet her most favorite band...the one and only....One Direction. After knowing them for quite a while, she started facing some ups and downs, changing her point of view of EVERYTHING. Everything since then has scarred her for life.


11. Zayn's (Back Fired) Plan


It was all over. Everything we've done, everything we've been through, had just added up to this. She was gone. Juli. Juli, with a smile that could light up a dreary room. With the laugh that could brighten up a gloomy day. With the personality that stood out like no other. With the beauty that everyone could see. She was just...just gone. It all started to flow back to me. Everything. From the moment our eyes first met, to when we had our first date, to when her lips had first touched mine. I couldn't imagine how it was all over. I sprinted out of the hospital, crying my eyes out. I left a trail of sadness behind me. With every step I took, tears fell from my eyes, cheeks wet from crying. "Hi Zayn--whoa, what happened?" Liam asked. "She's...she's gone...." I sighed. "He moved?" he asked. I shook my head. "You guys broke up?" Niall guessed. "No..." I replied. "Well, then what happened?" Louis asked. "She's.....she's.....guys, she's....dead." I finally managed to say. "Dead? She's dead?" Harry asked. I nodded, turning away, so they couldn't see the tears starting to fall from my eyes. "She was our best friend....." Liam sighed. My phone started to ring, so I picked it up. "Come to the hospital quickly. Room 21, floor 5." it said. I hung up and sprinted to the hospital. I did as I was told and entered. They were reviving her. They were bringing her back. To get her heart beating again, they had to electrically shock her. It killed me, seeing my entire world getting...electrocuted. They had finished, and to be sure it worked, I approached her hospital bed and clutched her hand. "Baby? Are you...are you alive?" I asked. Her eyes fluttered open. "Yes...I'm alive...and I wanted to tell you that...I now know where I really belong...." she gently responded. "What? Where?" I asked once more. "I your arms...I promise with all of my heart that I will never leave you ever again...not ever...because...because I love you." she replied. I couldn't help but smile. I tried stopping myself from kissing her perfect lips, but the next thing I knew, my lips were touching hers. She pulled away and it seemed like she had never been hurt. "You may go home now," the doctor said. She thanked him and we left the building. I noticed something on her wrist...a scar. A cut. "Hey...what's that? Please, don't do that to yourself..." I said, pointing to the cut, blinking back tears. "I...I cut myself...because of Natalie....she had still been bullying me even before all of this ha happened....." she said, starting to cry. "What was she doing?" I asked in pure frustration. "...She had been teasing me, talking about me behind my back, mocking me....." she sobbed. "Hey, um, can you stay at the boys' house really quick?" She nodded, and I escorted her to the door of my house. Once she walked in, I knew where to find Natalie. The Mall at some teen girls' store. I had a plan. Once I arrived at the mall, I approached her.


Juli's P.O.V.


Zayn had just dropped me off, and I got kind of bored. "Hey, can you take me to the mall?" I asked. "I call it!!" Harry blurted. "Let's roll!" Harry said. I started to laugh. "You think that was funny?" he asked. "I'm laughing at how lame that was!!" I replied, taking a breath from laughing so hard. "Ha, ha, funny..." he said as he drove me. I thanked him and entered my favorite store. I found Zayn there...with Natalie! I hid behind a rack of clothes and eavesdropped. "You wanna go out on Friday?" Zayn asked. "Sure. Are you sure you don't have plans with Juli?" she replied. "No." he said. I was going to ask him on a moonlit picnic on Friday! I was hurt, and felt a stream of tears flow from my eyes. I cupped my hands over my mouth in shock. "Zayn..?"

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