Julianna Brooks is a normal 19 year old girl who was living nothing but a simple life. Until....she moved to the UK. Everything's changed since. She had to go to a new school, meet new friends and start a new life. A twist of fate caused her to meet her most favorite band...the one and only....One Direction. After knowing them for quite a while, she started facing some ups and downs, changing her point of view of EVERYTHING. Everything since then has scarred her for life.


3. Who Would You Date


"...well?" They waited for me to respond. "Sure, when? What time do I have to be there?" I whispered. "Well, why not today? Be here at around... 5 maybe? To study with us?" Niall replied. "Sure...see you....." I guess I went from new girl to friend within 6 hours of being here....



Meanwhile with the boys...


"Uh-oh!! Zayn's blushing! Crush alert!!" Louis laughed. "Come on Zayn! Who's the lucky girl? Possibly" Niall played along.

"Don't tell her. I think I'm starting to like Juli." Zayn stammered. "Um, no Zayn. She's mine. You didn't even let me flirt with her yet." Harry snapped. "Knock it off!" Niall broke it up. "Stop fighting, at least get to know her first!" Liam pointed out.


Juli's Point of View


It was finally time. Time to go to the home of One Direction. I pulled the piece of paper I think they slipped into my pocket and carefully read its address. Not too far from my house. I knocked on the door, hands shaking, heart pounding. The door slowly opened. "Oh! Juli! Hi!" Zayn said, seeming as nervous as I felt. "Hi..." I replied faintly. "....oh! Um, come in!" he said, as if he was just snapped out of a trance. "So...? We gonna start studying or what?" I asked, remembering the reason I came. "Actually, we just invited you here to get to know you better." Liam said as I stepped into the building. "Okay, where do I start?" I asked, voice trembling. "Guys, I'll be right back okay?" Zayn said. "Okay!" Liam turned to me. "What are your interests? Nature, drawing, your songs..." I replied with a crooked smile. "Okay back." Zayn said, walking in. "What were you doing?" Liam asked. "Went to grab a quick snack." he replied. "What personality traits should someone have if they wanted to be your friend?" Niall asked. "Kind, caring, know, the regular stuff." I replied. "How old are you?" Louis asked. "" he interrupted me. "Hesitation!!!" he laughed. "Just kidding! Carry on!" Louis said. "...and that's what she said." Harry joked. "Guys, knock it off and let her talk!" Liam warned. He turned to me. "You were saying?" "I'm 19 years old." I finally replied. "Oh, cool! So you're technically in the same age range as we are?" "Yeah.." I nodded. "Birthday?" Harry asked. "March 15, 1993." I responded. "Okay, guys, I think that's enough questions for now, let's give her a break." Liam suggested. "Wait! One last question!!" Harry objected. "If you had to choose one of us to date, who would you pick?" he asked. "Do I have to tell the truth?" I asked. "Yes! Do you really expect me to ask you to tell a lie?" Harry replied. "Well..."

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