Julianna Brooks is a normal 19 year old girl who was living nothing but a simple life. Until....she moved to the UK. Everything's changed since. She had to go to a new school, meet new friends and start a new life. A twist of fate caused her to meet her most favorite band...the one and only....One Direction. After knowing them for quite a while, she started facing some ups and downs, changing her point of view of EVERYTHING. Everything since then has scarred her for life.


8. Surprise!


We finally had our first kiss! I pulled away and gave him a huge hug. "Did that make you feel any better?" Zayn said, smiling at me. I nodded, with a huge grin that stretched from ear to ear. I had no idea what to do or say, we just sat there awkwardly, smiling uncontrollably. He finally broke the silence. "You guys can come in now," he shouted to the boys. They came filing in and sat down. "So how was therapy?" I asked Liam. "Not good. He tried solving the problem by shoving a picture of a spoon in my face and I screamed." Liam groaned. "Still afraid of spoons?" I asked. He nodded. Louis started cracking up. "Really, Liam? So if I shoved a picture of a spoon in your face, you would be terrified?" "Very funny, Louis." Liam muttered. "Listening to our songs?" Harry said, glancing at my iPod. "Yeah, you're my favorite band!" I gushed. Niall overheard and gave me a thumbs up. "SPOONS, SPOONS, SPOONS!!" Louis laughed. "STOP IT, LOUIS!" Liam snapped. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. "Hey. Not. Funny." Liam snarled. I nodded, doing my best at hiding the disagreement. "Juli, you're guests need to leave!" my mom shrieked. "Okay!" I yelled back. "Well, I guess you have to leave now. See you tomorrow." I mumbled. "Yeah...bye..." they replied. They walked out and shut the door behind them. I trudged over to my bed and lay down. Zayn came back in and kissed my forehead. I smiled and he left. I turned out the lights and fell asleep. The next morning at school, I heard people talking about me. Girls giggled as I walked by. "Hey! Why did you steal Zayn from me?!" someone asked, angrily. "I didn't...HE asked ME out. Um...may I ask who you are?" I politely replied. "As if you don't know, I'm Natalie, how could you NOT know?!" she snarled. "I--" the next thing I knew, everything went dark. I woke up in the nurses office. I noticed bruises all over my arms and legs. I felt my eye throbbing, followed by my lip, swollen and bloody. "What...what happened?" I croaked. "Natalie and her horrible friends just beat you up." she replied. Oh no...the next thing I knew, I was screaming my head off. "AHH!!!" I screamed, waking up. Thank goodness, just a dream. I got dressed and ate breakfast, a fatigued look in my eyes. I ran to school and headed towards my locker. As I opened it up, a note fell out of my locker. It read:



Meet me on the balcony.

See you there.

Guess who I am.

- Your secret admirer. xx


There must have been a misunderstanding. I was already dating Zayn. Oh well. I walked up to the balcony. "Hello, beautiful." I heard a voice say from behind me. Then someone covered my eyes. I would have screamed for help, but then I felt a pair of lips touching my own. He uncovered my eyes and in front of me was just Zayn. I felt more relieved because it was good to know it was just my boyfriend. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I gave him a hug. He pulled away and gave me an adorable smile. He grabbed my hand and we headed to class. We were early, so no one was there except me and him. While waiting for everyone to start arriving, we just awkwardly stared at each other, hand in hand.


Zayn's P.O.V.

"Soon you'll be moving up to 'the next stage.'" Louis laughed. I gave him the death glare. I knew I loved Juli, but not THAT much. "Mature, Louis." I groaned. The teacher came in and Louis shut his mouth. The whole time I was staring at Juli, and how beautiful she was. Her perfect curly locks, her deep brown eyes, and her luscious lips drives me crazy. Once class was over, I held my hand out to Juli. "Shall we?" she smiled and replied "We shall." she replied, that beautiful smile on her face. We walked through the hallway and the girls were envious. "I just need to get a couple of textbooks from my locker. Stay right here, okay?" I asked her. She nodded, and I went to go get my textbooks. Just seconds later I heard a scream. Juli's scream.

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