Julianna Brooks is a normal 19 year old girl who was living nothing but a simple life. Until....she moved to the UK. Everything's changed since. She had to go to a new school, meet new friends and start a new life. A twist of fate caused her to meet her most favorite band...the one and only....One Direction. After knowing them for quite a while, she started facing some ups and downs, changing her point of view of EVERYTHING. Everything since then has scarred her for life.


10. Please Wake Up...

"N-Nurse? Where, exactly, is, Juli?" She glanced at the ground. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't exactly do much to help her, so she was rushed to the hospital." the nurse replied. My heart was beating wildly. "No. She can't be. It wasn't that serious." I said in disbelief. She just shook her head. "I'm afraid it is true, Go 5 blocks down. You'll find her there." she sighed. I ran 5 blocks down, just as she said, and entered the building. "I'm looking for Julianna Brooks?" I asked the man at the counter. "Room 21. 5th floor." he replied, without looking at me. "Thank you," I muttered. I entered the elevator and pressed 5. I waited for about 10 seconds. "Floor 5, room 21." I repeated to myself. I found her room and approached her. She had a black eye, bruises, bite marks, cuts, and blood. There was no way I could lose her. "Juli? Baby? Do you hear me, love?" I asked. "I could hear you..." she groaned. "A-Are you okay?" I whispered. "No...I feel like...I feel I'm d-dying." she mumbled back. "No, you won't die. Don't say that. I won't lose you. Not now, not ever. You WILL pull through." I cried. "Just always remember that I...I..." her voice cracked. "You...?" I asked. "I...I love you so much..." she said, her voice fading. She took a deep breath and slowly shut her eyes. The heart beat tracking device had stopped. "No. No. Juli? Speak to me, please! Juli...." my voice broke. "...I love you too...with all of my heart..."

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