I Want

17 year old Emme Jackson lives a rough life. When she escapes from it, she meets a certain someone that will make the biggest impact on her life.


8. Pinky Promise. (Happy B-Day!<3)

Emme's P.O.V

 I woke up in the morning and Liam, was still asleep. I bent down, and pecked his cheek and he fluttered his eyes open. " Morning babe." He said with his sexy morning voice. "Morning love." "I'm going to get a shower, I'll be down soon." I said. He lifted his head up, and I walked upstairs to get a shower.


 I showered, blow dried my hair and, since I was feeling special I straightened my hair. It took FOREVER but, it looked so pretty when I was done, I couldn't help but smile at my triumph. I put on a white laced shirt (I made sure to wear my favorite bra) and black jeans and white toms. 


 I walked downstairs and Liam was on the couch, watching spongebob. "Come over here babe." Liam said noticing my appearance. I sat down on the couch, facing him. "Well, Emme. Your amazing and the best girlfriend I have ever had, and will always have. You changed my life in so many ways. And I love you." 


 He held out a box with a ring in it. It was silver and had a Peridot (August birthstone) stone on it and carved inside was a fancy L. "Liam. This is beautiful! I love you too!" I hugged and kissed him on the lips. Then he held out his hand and on his finger was the same ring except it was an Auquamarine stone and it had a fancy E. It was on his pinkie and he put the ring on my pinkie as well.


 "I promise to always love you no matter what and to always be there for you when your lonely, or need a shoulder to cry on. I will never hurt you, or cheat on you, I will always. Always love you Emme. I pinkie promise." He held out his pinkie and we shook pinkies. "I promise as well." I kissed him passionately and hugged him tight, as he lifted me of the ground. 


 "I want to take you out for dinner tonight." Liam said, still holding me in the air hugging me, with his nose on my nose. "I would love that." He put me down we snuggled up on the couch together. "I'm bored." He said looking down at me. 


 "Yeah, me too. It gets boring watching tv all the time." He looked up, in a thinking type way. "Do you want to play some cards?" I nodded and we sat on the floor as he shuffled the cards. "What game?" "Go Fish!" I loved that game. I would always play that game with Zak. We loved it.


 He laughed and passed out cards to both him and I. We started playing but first, I had to explain the game to him because he hadn't played in forever. As for me, I played a long time ago but the game is stored in my memory. Then we started playing again.


 "Do you have any... 7's?" "Go Fish." "Crap." He mumbled under his breathe. I giggled and spoke, "got any 3's?" "What the heck?" He handed me 4 threes as I made fun of him laughing. "Ohh really, that's funny huh?" I nodded still laughing.


 He came towards me pouring all the cards on me and tickling my most ticklish spot; everywhere. I laughed and laughed. I tried to tell him to stop but, I was laughing hysterically. "Please stop Liam!" "No! You laughed at me, now I will see how you laugh when I tickle you." "Please Liam." I gave him the puppy dog eyes, but ended up laughing because I just couldn't hold it in. 


 He laughed and stopped tickling me and he was on top of me, resting his head on his crossed arms, which were on my chest and looking down at me. "You know what the most beautiful thing I have ever seen is?" "What, me?" I said mocking him. "No." Huh? Well he's nice. "Your beautiful face." Dang! And I thought Harry was the cheeky one.


 I smiled and kissed his cheek. We were still kissing, more like a make out session but we heard the front door open and immediately got up so they would think we were doing something else....


 Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn walk through the front door talking about dirty stuff... Naughty boys. "Hey guys. I thought you two would never wake up." Harry said. " Actually, we have been awake for a while now. Liam, you should tell them how I completely crushed you at Go Fish!" I said turning to Liam at the last part. 


 "Indeed love but, you should tell them how I tickled you till you practically died." The boys chuckled and then Louis broke the silence. "So Liam, did you give Emme her gift yet?" He said winking. "He did and I LOVE IT!" I said kissing Liam's cheek.


 I forgot about Liam taking me to dinner tonight. Crap. I need a fancy dress. "I have to go shopping. I'll be back in an hour." I kissed Liam goodbye and everyone else on the cheek, and left. I went to a lot of stores but then, I found the perfect dress.


 It was really beautiful and it went down to below my knees and it was baby blue and it had 1 strap over the left shoulder with a belt. The belt was plastered with sparkles on it. It was so pretty, I had to buy it! I also bought matching heels. I hated heels, but hey. I'm going on a date with Liam Payne. I have to look "fancy". 


 I got home, and all the boys shot up once I opened the front door. "Did you find something babe?" "Yup. It's really pretty!" I said putting the bags on the counter and sitting on a stool. "Can we seeeee?" Liam said continuing the 'e'. "No! You can look at it all you want tonight." I said sitting on his lap. "I'll just take a picture." 


 Liam got on his phone to check Twitter. I smirked knowing he is going to see the picture I posted of him. "Hey, you took a picture of me while I was sleeping??" He said looking at me. "Payback." I said sticking my tongue out at him. 


 "Here." He held out his phone to take a picture. I put my pinkie around his pinkie and smiled to show our beautiful matching rings. A minute later, my IPhone buzzed, and there was a new notification from Twitter. I checked it and there was the picture of Liam and I, holding pinkies and it said, "Got @Emme_luvbug323 and I matching rings! Beautiful.. Love you xx. I smiled and typed back, "Love you more!! x :) . 


 I looked at the time on my phone, and it was 5:30 and the dinner reservation was at 7:00. Fuck! I ran upstairs and yelled, "I have to get ready!!" My hair was all frizzy and getting curled up, so I straightened my hair, again! I put on mascara and silver eye shadow. It was already 6:50 when I finished getting ready.


 I ran downstairs and Liam was wearing grey jeans, a black top and a white blazor. He looked soooo good! He looked and smiled and took my hand at the bottom of the steps. "You look... Amazing!" Lets go beautiful, were going to be late." I smiled and kissed his cheek. 


 When we pulled up to the posh restaurant, I remembered I hated fancy things. We parked and walked up to the restaurant and scrunched my nose. I do that when I don't like something. Liam knew because it was one of the first things I told him about me. He looked at me, and saw my nose.


 "You don't like this place do you?" He said walking in front of me. "No!" "Emme, your scrunching nose. I know you do that when you don't like something." Great. This is what I get for telling him. "Fine. I don't fancy these kind of restaurants that much." He sighed. Great, I made him mad. "Your mad, aren't you?" 


 "Emme. I'm not mad. I hate these places! I only brought you here because I thought you wanted to go somewhere fancy. I'm actually relieved you don't want to be here." He said walking me to the car. "I would rather go somewhere like McDonalds or KFC." He said shutting my door and walking to his. "Ok, lets go to McDonalds." He smiled, "sounds perfect."


 We drove to McDonalds and both ordered chicken nuggets. We sat in a corner and people looked at us like we were crazy. I guess so, we were both in fancy clothes eating chicken nuggets eating in a corner at McDonalds. They got us on that one. 


 Then we both took a walk holding hands. Then he stood against a wall, leaning on it and brought me close to him. "I love you, Emme." "I love you too." I said then kissed him.


 A/N: 19 years ago, a boy was born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands in England. He had medication problems as a child, and had to visit the hospital many times in only a week. This boy was born dead; yes, he was born dead. Without those doctors, our little boy that is 19 today, would have never existed. He was always bullied at school when he was in Elementary school. But, he took karate lessons and now he can kick butt! When he was 12, he was a very fast runner. He joined the 18 year old track team; and he actually caught up to them! In 2008, he tried out for X-Factor at age 14. He soon left home, defeated by the other contestants. But, he did not give up. In 2010 he came back and wowed the judges by his amazing performance of "Cry Me a River" by, Justin Timberlake. On July 23rd, 2010 8:22 pm, he was formed in a band with 4 other mates. They were five strangers with one dream; now they are five brothers. They are known as One Direction. This amazing boy changed so many lives, not to mention mine. He has encouraged me to do so much and work so hard. Without him, One Direction would never even exist. This boy. This amazing boy. He is smart, responsible, cute, polite (he ordered 6 chicken nuggets, got 7 and gave one back!), generous, sexy, and not to mention, this boy can sing!! This boy is known as the one and only, Liam James Payne. Happy Birthday. I love you soo much<33


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