I Want

17 year old Emme Jackson lives a rough life. When she escapes from it, she meets a certain someone that will make the biggest impact on her life.


2. Park

Emme's P.O.V

"I'LL FIND YOU! AND WHEN I DO, YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU LEFT! I PROMISE!" Those words just kept running around in my head. What if he does find me? I don't want to go back to him. He was abusive and he smelt like liquor; he made the house smell like it.

I sat on a park bench just thinking. I left. I left from the drunk idiot. I'm happy. But I have no money, or food, or a place to live. That will be a problem.

Louis' P.O.V

Me and the boys decided to go for a walk in the park. Paul decided to give us 2 months off of work so we wanted to enjoy ourselves. We were running around acting like idiots. Me and Hazza were going up and down the slides while Zayn and Niall were playing hide-and-seek. "Liam can I go on the monkey bars?" He sighed and shook his head. "Yes, Lou you can go on for five minutes, then we'll head back." "YAY! COME ON HAZZ, COME WITH ME!"

I grabbed his hand and we ran to the monkey bars. I fell down hard on my face and it hurt. "OW HARRY! HELP ME OWWWW!" "Are you ok Boo Bear?" "NO I FELL ON MY FACE!"


Liam's P.O.V

I was looking at Louis and Harry acting like retards on the slide. They kept going down, then back up again for 10 minutes. Why can't they be smart and mature like me? Then Louis and Harry ran up to me. Oh great. "Liam can I go on the monkey bars?" I sighed and shook my head. Really? They are children. But I love them for that. "Yes, Lou you can go for five minutes, then we'll head back." "YAY! COME ON HAZZ, COME WITH ME!" 

I sat at the bench looking at Lou and Harry embarass themselves. I laughed to myself at how Lou was the oldest, yet he acted like a 5 year old. Then I heard a scream that inturrupted me from my thoughts. "OW HARRY! HELP ME OWWWW!" I ran over to the monkey bars. "Are you ok Boo Bear?" "NO I FELL ON MY FACE!" I laughed at how the monkey bars are only 5 feet high. How could this child possibly fall and hurt himself? Then I helped up Lou and nearly hit my head on the monkey bars.

I was helping up Lou and looked up noticing a girl sitting on the bench crying. "Hey guys, I'll be back in a minute." I walked over to the crying girl on the bench and she looked up at me. She was beautiful. She had long brown hair that was really curly with big beautiful brown eyes, and eyebrows that reminded me of my bushy eyebrows. "Are, are you ok love?"


Emme's P.O.V

I was crying. I had no one. My mum died when I was only 8, and my best friend who is also my brother is off at college. And my dad. I'm glad he is gone. Then a boy walked up to me. He was really cute. He had beautiful brown hair. Kind of bushy but it was cute. He had brown eyes that were as brown as mine. They looked beautiful. "Are, are you ok love?" I didn't know who this boy was or why he wanted to talk to me but, he made me feel safe.

"I'm fine." "Why are you crying then?" He asked in a sad voice. I sniffled and cried a little more. "May I sit?" He asked politely. I nodded as he sat next to me. "Now, why are you crying babe?" I looked up at him with his sorrowing eyes. I didn't know him but I wanted someone to talk to and he was the only one I could talk to at this point.

"I have no one." I admitted. "What do you mean you have no one?" He asked. I just shook my head, and stood up and walked away. He ran up next to me and grabbed my wrist. Pain stung as I screamed. "Oww!" I turned around as he looked confused and looked down at my bloody wrist. "What happened to you? Did someone hurt you?" He asked with a bit of anger. I looked at him and shook my head. "I did this." I said. "Do you want to sit?" I nodded and he helped  me to the bench.

"Why would you hurt yourself?" "I already said it. I have no one. My mum died when I was 8 and my brother is gone. So, I'm stuck with my dad. He became an alcaholic and he is abusive and I cut myself." "Why would your father hurt you?" "Because he is a jerk. He says the only person he loved is dead and he loves no one else anymore and he hates me now. And now that my brother is gone, I have no one to help me."

"Well, he is very wrong to hate you. Come on, lets go clean up your wrist." I put on a weak smile and we walked to a bathroom. "I never got your name love,?" "Umm, Emme. Emme Jackson." "Ohh. Well I'm Liam. Liam Payne." "I know. I see you on t.v everyday." He laughed, and I giggled. "Here, this may hurt but, it will help." He ran my wrist under hot water and I tried holding in the pain. "Oww. Ow ow ow ow ow!!" "I'm sorry, here wipe your wrist with this." He handed me a paper towel and I wiped my wrist. "Thank you, so much." He smiled. "Anytime babe."

"Come on, would you like to meet my friends?" I nodded and he grabbed my hand and he led me to a bench near the monkey bars. "Guys this is Emme. Emme, this is Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall." Liam said. There was a chorus of hi's then I spoke shyly. "Hi." "She is lonely and has no one so I thought, we could hang out with her until she finds out where she is gonna go.

"So Emme, what part of England are you from?" Zayn asked. "Well, I'm from here, in Doncaster." I said. Louis smiled. "That's where I live. Actually, were all staying at my house for 2 months. Our manager Paul, is giving us 2 months off." "Cool." I said and smiled. We just stayed there the afternoon talking about ourselves. These boys were really nice and funny and really down to earth guys. After an afternoon, I already know what kind of guys they are. Niall is cute and Irish. Harry is hot and dangerous, Zayn is quiet and mysterious, Louis is funny and adorable, and Liam. Liam is sexy, smart, responsible, has a good sense of humor, and they call him "Daddy Direction". I like these boys. Hopefully I can stay with them.

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