I Want

17 year old Emme Jackson lives a rough life. When she escapes from it, she meets a certain someone that will make the biggest impact on her life.


9. Liam's B-Day

Emme's P.O.V

Liam and I walked back to the car, and bought candy and soda and went back to the house and had our own movie night. Liam fell asleep on my lap and I looked at him and smiled. It was his birthday tomorrow and it was the perfect time to think about what we were going to do for him. 


 Liam's P.O.V

 I woke up, and Emme was gone. Where did she go? I walked into the kitchen and all the guys and Emme were in the kitchen. "Morning guys." "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!" Everyone shouted. Oh yeah, today was my birthday. One by one, they guys hugged me and wished me a Happy Birthday.


 "Happy Birthday babe." Emme said kissing me. "Thanks babe." "I love you." "Love you too baby." "I can't wait to give you your present tonight." She whispered in my ear. I chuckled and kissed her again. "Come on love, we made you a Birthday present." She said taking my hand, leading me to the kitchen table.


 Everyone was at the kitchen and eating. There was a big buffet of breakfast. Eggs, pancakes, french toast, omelets, and a lot more. We all ate and talked. "So Liam, we were thinking we could take you out today. Movies, mall, lunch?" Harry said.


 "Sounds great mate. Thank you guys so much for everything I love you all." "We love you more!" When we finished eating breakfast, we all got dressed to head out for today.


 Emme's P.O.V

 I really wanted to do something special for Liam. After all he has done for me, I wanted to do something for him that he will never forget. First, I wanted to make him a huge breakfast buffet, and take him out for the day with the rest of the guys. 


 Then at night, I wanted to take him to a place my mum always used to bring me too when I was little. We ate breakfast, and talked. We all headed upstairs to get dressed for our day today. I wanted to look good for Liam today so I picked something pretty but not fancy. 


 I showered and let my curls fall wherever and put on a black tank top with ruffles and gems with grey skinny jeans and black wedges. I grabbed my purse and phone, and went downstairs and waited for Zayn and Louis to finish getting ready. 


 We headed out and went to the mall. I bought Liam some shirts from Abercrombie and Hollister and since Harry wouldn't shut up, I bought him a shirt from Jack Wills. We then headed to Nando's for some lunch and then decided to head to the movies. We bought tickets to see "Ted" and it was hilarious! The whole time I was choking from laughing too hard.


 It was getting dark out, and it was time to take Liam to my special spot. "Liam." I whispered in his ear. "Yes love?" "It's time." He smiled and we both got up. "Guys, I'm taking Liam to his present." I said winking at the guys. 


 I led Liam out to the car and drove us to the location. "Where are you taking me?" "It's a surprise babe. Just wait until we get there." He shook his head and looked out the window smiling. Soon, we arrived at a beach. 


 "You're taking me to the beach?" Liam asked. "No. You'll have to wait and see." I smiled. We just walked in silence. "Tag. Your it!" I yelled running away. He ran after me smiling and then started throwing sand at me. "Hey! You can't do that." I yelled still running from him.


 "There was no rules classified whats so ever!" I picked up some sand and started throwing it at him. Soon, we were engaged in a sand-throwing contest. He kept chasing me until we arrived at the cave. 


 When I was little, my mum would bring me here and sing lullabies to me and I would fall asleep in her arms. I almost cried thinking of the sweet memory.


 "Is this where your taking me?" Liam asked stepping by my side. "Yeah." I said smiling and taking his hand. "This is so beautiful." "My mum used to take me here when I was little." I said fighting back the tears.  "I'm sorry." I looked up at him and smiled. 


 "It's ok." I led him inside where I set up candles and a guitar. Did I mention I can play guitar? Well, Zak taught me when I was around 13 or 14 and I was a natural the first I played. I loved it. "This is amazing. Who's the best girlfriend ever?"


 "Meeeee." I said tapping my cheek for him to kiss it. We sat down and I picked up my guitar. "You play? I didn't know." Liam said. "Yeah. My brother taught me how to play and I was really good from the start and I love playing." 


 I started playing a beautiful tone. And I remembered Liam loved my voice and I started singing to the tune I was playing. 


You can be the peanut butter to my jelly

You be the butterflies I feel in my belly.

You can be the captain and I can be your first mate,

You can be the chills that I feel on our first date.

Don't know if I could ever be,

Without you cuz' boy you complete me

And in time I know that we'll both see

That were all we need.

I sang the whole song and it fit perfectly. He clapped at the end and I laughed. "I told you your voice is amazing." Liam said. I put the guitar down and laid my head on his lap. 


"Why am I so lucky?" Liam said looking down at me. "What do you mean?" "You. How did I get so lucky to get someone as amazing as you are?"


 "I don't even know what your talking about. I am the most luckiest person in the world. I don't even know  how a girl like me could get a guy like you." I looked up and smiled and pecked him on the lips. Gosh, I love this boy so much. 


We sat down together looking at the beautiful waves that crashed on the shore. I closed my eyes and thought about my mum taking me here 10 years ago.


 I smiled and got up, taking Liam with me and headed to the car. We drive home and fell asleep together in each other's arms. 



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