I Want

17 year old Emme Jackson lives a rough life. When she escapes from it, she meets a certain someone that will make the biggest impact on her life.


11. "Liam and Emme will both pay"

~Emme's POV~

Everything was a blur and now my senses came back to me and I now just realized what just happened. I spilt coffee on Zayn's girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, the she's-really-sweet-once-you-meet-her girl. I disagree. This chick hates me, and to make matters worse, I just dumped a cup of coffee on her and she stormed out and is doing who knows what. For all I know, she could be crying in Zayn's arms, acting all sweet and innocent when really, her foot is the one who caused all of this. Yes that is right, I saw her little petite foot stick out, making me trip.

I looked at Eleanor who's mouth was hanging down to the ground. "What just happened?" She gasped."I don't have a clue in the world. She we go look for her?" I asked. She nodded and I grabbed a 5 dollar bill out of my purse, and slammed the tip onto the table and ran out of the coffee shop, running after Eleanor who runs faster than a horse.

I picked up my phone and called Liam. *ring. ring. ring.* The phone rung a couple more times, and finally I heard his British accent on the other end of the phone. 


"Liam?!" I yelled out of breath, considering we've been running after Perrie, searching for her for over 10 minutes and haven't stopped once. Go figure.

"Oh hey babe. Everything fine?"

"Oh yeah. Just perfect." Lie.

"Listen, is Perrie there? I need to talk to her it's really important." Not a lie.

"Umm, yeah. She was crying when she walked through the door but she went upstairs with Zayn. What's wrong?" He asked.

"Um." I tried looking for an accuse to use, that sounding totally believable and sounding alike to Perrie's point of view. Thats if she told the truth. "Well, we went to get coffee and when I was bringing Perrie her latte, this rude person tripped me, and I poured it all over her." Not a lie. I tripped, I spilt the coffee on Perrie, and a rude person tripped me, (*cough cough* Perrie). That's exactly what happened so in this case, I didn't need to make up a lie.

"Oh. Okay. Are you running? Your panting." 

"Yeah. Eleanor and I are playing tag and she's it. Got to go bye." Lie, but he doesn't know that. I hung up the phone, and Eleanor and I began to run faster towards Liam's house. Once we arrived, Eleanor slammed the door open and once I ran inside, it was just Liam laying on the couch watching Toy Story.

"Where is everyone?" I asked sitting next to Liam. "Zayn and Perrie are upstairs and the rest of the guys went out for a bite to eat." He said, paying attention to the Disney film on the screen. "I'm going to talk to Perrie." Eleanor said leaving the room. "I'll go upstairs and take a nap. I'm tired." I said. "Want me to come with you?" Liam asked. "If you want." I walked upstairs, Liam following.

I jumped onto the huge king-size bed, and I felt like I was in heaven once my head hit the pillow. All of the events today came rushing through my brain all at once. Today was such a horrible day. I spilt coffee on someone who already hates me (just in case you haven't processed that). I cried lightly into my pillow and like superman, Liam was there to save me. 

"Babe what's wrong?" He asked rubbing my back. "Nothing." "Yes there is you're crying. Come here." He laid my head on his lap, while he played with my hair. "Everyone hates me," I said crying into Liam's lap. "That's not true. I don't hate you. The boys don't hate you. Eleanor and Perrie don't hate you." Total lie. "Perrie hates me. The reason she is crying is because she tripped me and I spilt coffee on her. She's been giving me all of these looks all day and she hates me. She's not the nice and sweet girl everyone has been talking about. She hates my guts." "Why would she do that?" He asked. I shrugged.

"Okay so if  Perrie hates you, so what? She's nothing special and besides that's one person who hates you. Your special Emme and no one compares to you." "Perrie hates me, my dad, all of those fans. It's not just Perrie." "Well it's just because they're jealous they aren't you." I shook my head. "Emme, I love you so much that you should know not to care what others think. They're just jealous and you know what, let them be jealous because then they know no one loves them as much as I love you," he said, then kissed my head. "Thanks Li. I love you," I kissed him on the lips lightly. I love you more," he whispered. I closed my eyes and then fell asleep on Liam's lap. 


~Zayn's POV~

I sat on the couch watching Toy Story with Liam while Harry, Louis, and Niall went out to eat for lunch. Then all of the sudden Perrie storms through the door, making Liam and I jump. She was crying and her mascara was smeared all on her face and she had stains all over her clothes. "Babe what's wrong?" She grabbed my arm and yanked me up the stairs. 

She led me to my room and slammed the door and locked it. What's the problem? Emme is the problem. That little punk spilt my coffee all over me!" "Why would she do that?" "Because she thinks she is so much better than me! She just came up to me and poured the whole thing on me! Look at my clothes! She hates me Zayn, she hates me!" She said sobbing in my chest. Liam and Emme both will pay for this.


A/N: Heeeeeyy guysss! Just a short little chapter, for you guys;) I must say, this was a hard chapter to write because Perrie is soooo sweet,kind and pretty and I made her sound like a devil in my story:( Just remember, I have nothing against her, I love her sooooo much! Zayn & Perrie 4ever<3 Also, have you ever wanted to be Harry's girlfriend? Well, I'm having a contest. Email me at iluvmadi24@gmail.com. Tell me the appearance, about your character, and name. Thanks guys, love ya!


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