I Want

17 year old Emme Jackson lives a rough life. When she escapes from it, she meets a certain someone that will make the biggest impact on her life.


12. "Keep your brat on a leash"

A/N: I realize that in chapter 7, Louis and Eleanor break up. Well, I'm just going to pretend that it never happened, I need Eleanor in the story and besides, who would be able to write about Louis and Eleanor not together? Anyway, sorry again and thank you 1dleprachaun for reminding me that. Now, back to the story :) xxx


~Liam's POV~

Emme was asleep on my lap. It seemed she had a bad day, and she seemed tired, and I wasn't going to lie, I was pretty tired as well. I'm lucky Paul is giving us a break from our music-I would have collapsed of exhaustion. I laid my head back on the bed-board and closed my eyes and tried to take a short nap like Emme.


"Emme Jackson, will you do me the honor of marrying me?" I asked trying my hardest not to cry, with hope. She nodded crying and gave me a huge bear hug. I took the diamond ring out of the box and place it on her left index finger, crying tears of joy. I now have a right to call Emme Jackson mine, forever.


We both read our vows to each other and I was excited. I was about to marry Emme. "You may now kiss the bride." I leaned in, with a smile on my face ear, to ear. Just as I was about to kiss her, she vanished. The priest vanished. Everyone and everything in the room vanished.


I woke up from my dream, and I looked down at Emme an she was still sleeping peacefully. There was banging on the door, really loud. I picked Emme's head off my lap, gently and made my way to the door. Whoever was outside the door, kept banging on the door and I swear, if they banged it harder, the door would break of it's hinges.

I opened the door to reveal a furious Zayn. "Hey mate, what's up?" I asked, shoving my hands in my pocket. "WHATS UP MATE? WHATS UP IS MY GIRLFRIEND IS CRYING BECAUSE OF YOUR PATHETIC GIRLFRIEND?" He spat in my face. I turned around cautiously, and Emme was still sleeping-thank god. "Will you lower your voice! And I have no idea what you're talking about. Perrie made Emme trip, Emme did absolutely nothing!" I yelled/whispered. 

"Not what Perrie told me. Perrie is my girlfriend, and I believe her. You better make sure you keep your brat on a leash, or I'm dealing with her myself." He said, and walked out of the room. I was so furious. I yanked the door open, almost breaking the hinges myself, and stormed down the hallway to Zayn's room. I stormed into his room and walked up to him, and punched him. He stumbled onto Perrie, who he was sitting with 'comforting' her, and held his face. He removed his hand off his red, bruising face, and threw a punch at me. He hit my face and it turned into a huge fight. I pushed him into the wall and once his back reached contact with the wall, he yelped in pain and fell to the ground, with Perrie comforting him. I wiped the blood dripping down my mouth, and walked out of his room, slamming the door.

I walked into my room and saw Emme standing there. "Baby, I'm sorry. He's stupid." Her lip quivered and I knew she was about to cry. I rushed to her and held her in my arms. 


AN: I'm so sorry I haven't updated in ages..! I'm so busy with school, soccer, & all of my other extra activities. I rushed in this chapter, so sorry if I made any spelling or grammer mistakes. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving week! I sure am excited, it's my birthday on the 24th. A month before Louis'. I got lots of 1D presents and I had a hugeeeee 1D cake! Anyways, enough about me. If you haven't gotten the ''Take Me Home" album, its on Youtube (even though you probably knew that). Thanks so much guys for all of your comments & fav/likes. I feel awful for not updating but like I said, I've been super busy with stuff & I dont get the laptop much. I'm also really busy writing 2 other movellas. Bye having a good weekend!:)

- Madison. xx


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