I Want

17 year old Emme Jackson lives a rough life. When she escapes from it, she meets a certain someone that will make the biggest impact on her life.


20. Brooke


 ~Emme's POV~

 I don't now how long I sat there. Minutes? Hours? I just cried to myself for a while. I can't believe someone as sweet as Liam would do something so harsh to a girl he 'loves'. I sat in the dark and lonely hallway for what seemed like hours, until I finally fell asleep.


 "Emme? Emme hun where are you?" I heard a voice yell from downstairs. A voice that I knew would stay with me 100% of the way. Finally my blurry and red,puffy eyes revealed my best friend running up the steps. "Emme are you okay? What happened?" She whispered the last part. "He hit me," I croaked out. "He what?" She asked, shocked. 'Yeah, I know. I'm pretty shocked myself.' I thought to myself. "That dick," she whispered. 

 "Come on, I'm going to clean you up," She said, dragging me off the floor. She pulled me to the bathroom where she cleaned up my bloody cut Liam gave me. Then, I got into the shower and after I got out, I found Eleanor sitting on the couch. "I decided we're going to go out, to get your mind off things!" She said. "We're going to a carnival!" She continued. "El, I'm pregnant, I can't do half the stuff there," I said disappointingly. She shrugged, grabbed my hand, and dragged me out of the house and into her car.

 The car ride was really silent. At one point or another, El would try to make conversation, but I was just to upset to even talk to my own best friend. At the carnival, we tried to stay away from most of the rides, but mostly did the games and ate food. At one booth, I saw blue bunny, which I wanted really badly. Eleanor saw me eyeing the stuffed creature and handed the girl her money. 

 "Ok, saw all you have to do pretty much is get the rings around the bottle. Good luck!" The pretty girl smiled. As Eleanor was trying to win the game, I looked at the girl. She looked awfully familiar. Her name tag read 'Brooke'. I used to have a best friend named Brooke when I was 12. But unfortunately, she moved to a different country. Same blonde hair, same green eyes, same skinny body. Could this be her? I was too busy trying to debate whether this was my former best friend or not to realize she was staring back at me. 

 "Um, what's your name?" She asked politely, and shyly."Emme," I replied. "With an e?" She asked with hope. I nodded. "Brooke?" I asked, even though I clearly knew the answer. "Emme!" She screamed, attacking me in a bone-crushing hug. "I can't believe it's you! I moved back on my 16th birthday and I hoped to see you again but I had no contact of you," she said sadly. I looked at Eleanor, confusion flooding her face.

 "Eleanor, this used to be my best friend in secondary school. Brooke, this is Eleanor, my best friend." I introduced. They both shook hands and it was silent for a second. "Oh," Brooke said snapping back into reality. "You got all 3. Pick one you want," she said to Eleanor. "The bunny," She said pointing to the stuffed animal I greatly desired. Brooke handed El the bunny. 

 "So um, do you wanna maybe come back to our flat and hang out? I really miss spending time with you," I said. "My shift is about over sooo, sure," She smiled. No later than 5 minutes, her shift ended so she got her stuff and the 3 of us walked back to El's car. Back at our flat, we just talked and El and Brooke got to know each other more, and we talked about stuff we missed over the pass 7 years. We watched movies, we ate ice cream, and just had a good time. By the end of the night, it was like the 3 of us have known each other since birth. 

 "Ouch Em, what happened to your cheek?" Brooke asked. I was confused until I felt the scratch on my face. The memories from previous hours before flooded my memory. I didn't even think about Liam until now. I was having so much fun with my best friends, I didn't even think about him. "Um," I said quietly. "We can trust her Em," El said rubbing my arm.

 And I knew that. We told her everything. From the moment Liam and I met, to the moment we found out I was pregnant and when he hit me. "Aw, Emme I'm so sorry hun. He isn't worth crying over," she said hugging me, hoping to let the tears streaming down my face, disappear. "But that's the thing. He is worth it. He was my everything. I just don't know why he did that," I said .

 "I've never met this Liam, but I don't think you should let him go. I sound like a crazy person, yes, but if he's worth it, then don't let him slip through your fingers," Brooke lectured. "I know. He probably hates me though. And besides, I've never been more hurt by anyone in my life more than Liam hurt me. Physically and emotionally," I cried. For the rest of the night, we talked about my stupid problems, and they were there for me, like best friends should do.


 "Get off your lazy ass!" I screamed hitting Brooke in the face with a pillow. She groaned and got up. Eleanor was already in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Pretty much over the past month, Brooke has moved in with us. I haven't spoke to any of the boys since the day before I found out I was pregnant. El would occasionally go out with Louis, but she was mostly with Brooke and I. My stomach as gotten bigger, and yes, the boys know I'm pregnant. They are all excited to be uncles. 

 "Want to go to the mall? I saw this really cute dress there," Brooke said. El and I agreed. We all got ready, and headed to the mall. We hit about 7 stores, and we all bought each other little gifts. After hitting the stores, we went to Starbucks and got a drink. We went home and had a good time just hanging out together. 

 ~El's POV~

 We were playing Just Dance 2 when my phone started ringing. The caller I.D was Louis. He probably wanted to hang out tonight, but I just wanted to be with my girls. 

 "Hello?" I asked.

 "Hey. How is Emme?" He asked.

 "Fine without that douche Liam."

 "That's why I'm calling."

 "Whats wrong?" I asked.

 "It's Liam."

 A/N: Long time no see my beautiful people! I bet you guys were like, "holy crap she updated!" lol, yeah, sorry I've been really busy with graduation, family , stuff like that. Anyway, congratulations Brooke on winning my contest that nobody signed up for! yeah, pretty sad, but I'm happy she was my winner :) Well, I wrote this in like 30 minutes because I'm going shopping for my concert, WHICH IS IN 3 DAYS i'M NOT OKAY, DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME. Yeah, so more facts I guess.

 1. My favorite story I've written was 'Turn Your Face', it's new so go check it out! Also, read my Imagine/Preference story, and comment if you want me to do one for you!

 2. I hate The Wanted. (soooo much, no hate).

 3. I live in Florida.

 4. I'm going to a One Direction concert I've been waiting for since last year, and I'm so freaking excited!

 5. In one month marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of one of my dear friends Meredith. I miss you Merff, and I'll see you soon <3

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