I Want

17 year old Emme Jackson lives a rough life. When she escapes from it, she meets a certain someone that will make the biggest impact on her life.


15. 1 Year Later

~Emme's POV~


"Liam are you almost ready?" I yelled to my boyfriend, who was taking forever to get ready. "The wedding is in 3 hours. Why are you in such a rush?" He yelled from our room. I walked into the room to see him laying down watching tv. "El wanted us to be there early." I said, walking back into the bathroom, finishing up my makeup. 


So basically, Liam and I have been together for a while now. Him and Zak are like brothers now, and Zak is almost a part of the band. Eleanor and Louis are engaged, and we are about to head to the wedding now. Eleanor and I are super close, we're like sisters now. Perrie still hates me. Zayn has softened on me a bit, but I think he still holds that grudge on me and will forever. Liam and I are more perfect then ever, we still love each other. My birthday is tomorrow and I'll be 19 tomorrow. Liam has already turned 20, last month. My dad hasn't found me yet but I still fear he will. I still remember him saying those haunting words.


Liam and I finished getting ready and headed to the church. We sat down in the front row, and waited for Eleanor to walk down the aisle. Once we heard the music playing, Eleanor and her father walked down together and she looked more beautiful in her dress then when she tried it on looking for the right dress.

Louis and Eleanor both said their vows after the priest said stuff no one really paid attention to. After saying their vows, they put each others ring's on. "You may now, kiss the bride," The priest said. Louis and Eleanor kissed each other, just starting the beginning of their wonderful lives together. 


After the wedding, we had a huge celebration in Lou and Eleanor's huge house they bought over 2 months ago. Eleanor and Louis' parents were there, all of their friends, even some celebrities were there. Paul, Josh, Andy and everyone you could think of was there. 

"Congratulations Louis," I said, hugging him, then kissed his cheek. I walked up to Eleanor who was talking to her old friends. I tapped her shoulder and turned around. She smiled when she saw me. "Hey babe," She said. "Congrats El. I'm so happy for you," I said. "Thanks," She said then gave me heart warming smile, showing off her perfect teeth and cute dimple.

~No one's POV!~

The rest of the day went really well. Everyone talked, congratulated the new married couple, drank wine and ate fancy food, and had a good time. The day was long and tiring so everyone soon began to leave, leaving the boys, Emme, and Eleanor. 

Everyone decided to go back to Liam's flat and rent a movie and chill, but Louis and Eleanor decided to skip the invite and stay home in the new house whom they now shared together as a new, happy couple.

~Emme's POV~

Liam, Niall, and I went into Liam's car and Harry and Zayn went in Harry's car. Harry had to follow behind us because Liam moved flats after their 2013 world tour. Yes, they ended the tour and I got to go with them, in risks of my father still finding me.

Everyone is still kind of freaked out about my dad finding me, and him kidnapping me and hurting me again. When we got to Liam's new flat, Zayn ordered pizza while Harry went to go rent a movie and Liam and I went to Walgreens and got soda, chips, candy, etc.

When we got to Walgreens, Liam and I walked to get soda but were stopped before we barely made it through the entrance. "Oh my gosh, it's Liam Payne!" We heard a girl shout. "Shhhh." He said. "Can I have your autograph?" She asked, much quieter. "Sure babe," He smiled. She handed him a 1D notebook and 1D pen she had ironically just bought, and he signed it for her.

She looked at me with a questioning look. "Can I have yours too?" She asked me shyly. "Sure love." I took the pen she handed me, and I signed my first autograph. "Bye, thank you so much!" She said, then hugged us both.

We kept walking until we passed a cardboard of a women holding her baby. "Aww. The baby is so cute! I've always wanted to be a mom," I said staring at the cardboard. "Being a parent would be nice but I don't think I'm ready for that Em," Liam said. "I know I didn't mean it like that, I just meant in general." I said in defense. "Ok," He chuckled.

We grabbed our things, and checked out. In the car we put in Liam's Disney album, and sang to songs from popular, old, Disney movies. 

Once we got to his flat, everyone was eating pizza on the couch. "Finally, it's about time! We are no longer letting you two get us stuff, you take too long!" Harry said coming over and taking the bags from us.

Liam and I sat on the couch beside Zayn and took a piece of pizza. "Ready to pop that sucker in?" Niall asked. "That's what she said," Harry mumbled on my right side. I tried my hardest to hide my giggles but I got hold in my laughter. "Haha, oh my gosh Hazza, you're too damn funny!" I yelled. 

Everyone was laughing because Harry had told them his joke. Once all the laughter died down, Harry put the movie and we watched it until everybody was asleep, except Liam and I. 

We were watching all of the Paranormal Activities, and now we were on the 3rd one. I kept hiding my face in Liam's chest and holding my ears on the scary parts. I get super scared easily, I don't know why. My screams were muffled in his chest and he just laughed at me, while wrapping his arms around me.

"It's not funny," I said like a little girl. "Your so cute," He whispered then kissed my nose. I giggled then kissed his lips. He kissed back, harder. He pulled me on his lap and kissed me hard. Then he started kissing my neck and collarbone. "Lets take this upstairs," I whispered. He smiled, and picked me up taking us into his room. I think you know what happened next...


A/N: Sorry for no update :( I've been busy with soccer and babysitting (like usual), and everything at my house has been hectic. I have to read a book by the end of Christmas break, so I have been busy with that as well. So I just decided to write you guys a short chapter, even though it was boring. But that joke was pretty funny, haha I don't know, it came into my dirty mind and now it's on here >.<


More facts..! :)

1. I do want kids, but when I'm able to officially drink (21), I want two girls, Carter and Meredith if not, a girl and boy, with the same names haha :)

2. In the previous facts, I said my worst fear is One Direction breaking up. It is in general, but my actual fear is sharp things and apple cutters (I had a hole in my finger but I'm not good with sharp things).

3. I love boy names for girls!!! Like Carter, Kendall, Brayden, Skylar, Riley (that was going to be my name).

4. My favorite foods are Ramen Noodles, and Nutella and my favorite snack is Whoppers!!

5. I am an Emblemer, I have loved them since they're first audition but I was pretty mad when they went home. I still love 1D more :)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of presents and spent lots of time with your families. ~Madison Payne ;xoxo


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