My Princess

I walked down the steps, my hand sliding down the railing, a fake smile plastered across my face. I waved to the invisible audience, and stepped down to the bottom of the staircase. I held up the skirt of my gown a little, making sure not to trip over my long dress. Walking towards my father and mother, I let go of my gown letting the hem of its skirt reach the ground. I stood in front of my father, and he slowly placed a tiara on my head. "You are now known as Princess Victoria Nicolette Lexington, Duchess of Austria!" he proclaimed, and then carefully removed the delicate tiara from my head, placing it back in its glass case. Introducing me, 18-year-old princess to be, Victoria Nicolette Lexington.


8. Twitcam

Silence filled the room, 5 sets of eyes staring at me as if I were joking. "What?! How could someone not want to go on a date with you?!" Harry said, his jaw dropping. "I agree, how could anyone refuse to date you?" Liam added. Everyone nodded, agreeing. "Well, it's just that my mother and father got to choose who I have to date...I've always refused to date any of them, because they were all the same: conceited, uncaring, and unfaithful." I sighed. "Well, now you have Niall! He's the opposite of everything you just said!" Zayn said, pointing to Niall. "Yeah, plus, if he ever DOES hurt you, we'll definitely give him a serious talk." Louis said. "Well, when and where are we going to go out?" I asked Niall. "Well, that's a surprise...we'll be going out tomorrow at 8:00." he replied. "Ah, okay." I said. "I guess we've got everything covered now..." Liam said. "What are we supposed to do now?" "I don't know, hopefully we'll think of something soon, because I'm getting really bored...I think I'll just sleep. Seeya guys when I wake up." Zayn said, going upstairs. "Well, what are WE supposed to do?" Louis asked. "Should we go outside?" Harry asked. "Paparazzi's will be hunting us down..." Liam stated. "Should we do a group twitcam?" he continued. "Sure. Let's go set it up." Niall said, running upstairs to grab his laptop. Once he was back, he was holding the laptop. "We're all set!" Liam said. They clicked the "Start Broadcasting" button, and we turned to the camera. "Hi, it's Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis here! Zayn's upstairs sleeping, and we were bored, so we decided to do a twitcam for you guys!" Liam said, waving to the camera. I sat there, silently and shyly. "Oh, and this is Victoria! She came all the way from Austria. She's actually a princess and her coronation was coming up in a few days, but she got kidnapped, where they took her here. She escaped and ran into Niall, and now here we are! Come on Victoria, say hi!" he continued, turning to me. "Um...hi!" I smiled. "Let's read the comments, Liam!" Louis said. "Okay...oh, here's one! I'll read it aloud...okay. This one reads, 'Victoria is probably an attention seeker, she's obviously pretending to be a princess for publicity....'" Liam said, his voice trailing off, his smile suddenly turning into a frown, along with Niall, Louis, and Harry. I wish he didn't read that....
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