My Princess

I walked down the steps, my hand sliding down the railing, a fake smile plastered across my face. I waved to the invisible audience, and stepped down to the bottom of the staircase. I held up the skirt of my gown a little, making sure not to trip over my long dress. Walking towards my father and mother, I let go of my gown letting the hem of its skirt reach the ground. I stood in front of my father, and he slowly placed a tiara on my head. "You are now known as Princess Victoria Nicolette Lexington, Duchess of Austria!" he proclaimed, and then carefully removed the delicate tiara from my head, placing it back in its glass case. Introducing me, 18-year-old princess to be, Victoria Nicolette Lexington.


9. Think Before You Type

"I regret reading that...think before you type, please. I'll try to read positive ones now.." Liam said, scrolling through many, many comments. "...well, I'll be....almost every single comment I'm reading is saying Victoria is an ugly poser seeking attention. This twitcam is over, and we're not doing one again unless you learn to be more respectful." Liam said, shutting the laptop. "That was awkward...and unbelievable. They probably know that I love her, so they started hating on her..I don't get it. I can love who I want to love, hating won't make me love them. I'm sorry about all of the hate, Victoria." Niall sighed. "It''s okay...I think I'll just...go...." I stuttered, running upstairs, plopping onto my bed, beginning to sob.

Niall's P.O.V.

"Oh, no..." I sighed, putting my head in my hands, disappointed. "Well, #GoAwayVictoria, We Hate Victoria, and #VictoriaAttentionSeeker are trending...well on the bright side....uh...I guess there is no bright side..." Liam said. "What do you think she's doing up there?" Harry asked. "Sulking, crying, sobbing..." Louis guessed. "Mate, you've gotta go check on her. You don't know what she's doing in there...crying, sulking, or maybe even...oh no...cutting! Hurry, Niall! It might be too late!" Liam said, starting to freak out. I nodded and ran upstairs as fast as I could. Once I reached the door to Victoria's room, I tried to turn the doorknob and pull the door open, but she seemed to have locked it. I tried pulling on the doorknob, but it was definitely locked. "Victoria? Victoria? Are you in there? Victoria?!" I said, pounding as hard as I could on the door. "Go away, please..." she sobbed. "Victoria, if you don't unlock this door, I'll break it if I have too!" I said, hoping she'll open up. "I wanna be alone...can you please let me sulk in peace?" she replied. "I'm about to bring the door down!!" I yelled through the door. Just then, I heard heavy footsteps walking trudging towards the door, and the lock clicked. She swung open the door, her eyes red and bloodshot, her cheeks wet from crying. We just stared at each other for about half an hour. "Yes, Niall..?" she sniffed. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

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