My Princess

I walked down the steps, my hand sliding down the railing, a fake smile plastered across my face. I waved to the invisible audience, and stepped down to the bottom of the staircase. I held up the skirt of my gown a little, making sure not to trip over my long dress. Walking towards my father and mother, I let go of my gown letting the hem of its skirt reach the ground. I stood in front of my father, and he slowly placed a tiara on my head. "You are now known as Princess Victoria Nicolette Lexington, Duchess of Austria!" he proclaimed, and then carefully removed the delicate tiara from my head, placing it back in its glass case. Introducing me, 18-year-old princess to be, Victoria Nicolette Lexington.


7. Never Been On A Date

The next day... I sat up and looked around. Light was filling the room and I had fallen asleep. I stretched my arms out, letting out a small yawn. I yanked the blanket off and trudged downstairs, sleepily. "Morning..." I yawned once more. "Morning, Holly!" they all said at once, as if they were in a chorus. I didn't see Niall... "Um, boys?" I asked, scratching my messy hair, then grabbing the nearest hairbrush to fix it. "Yeah?" Liam replied. "Um...where did Niall go?" I asked. "No idea. Maybe he went on a walk or something." Liam replied again. "Oh, okay..." I said, sitting down on the couch. There seemed to be an awkward silence creeping into the room. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "I'll go get that!" Zayn said, looking through the peephole on the front door. He unlocked the door, swinging it open. "There you are, Niall! Where on Earth were you?" Liam asked. "Well, I was getting a rose for Holly, but the one I found died before I arrived..." Niall sighed, revealing the wilted rose. I took it anyways. "Thanks Niall, I appreciate the fact that you at least tried." I smiled, hugging him. "Aww!" the boys sang in the background. Niall gave them the death glare and they went back to whatever they were doing. "Anyways...I gave you this rose to ask you out on a date.." Niall said. "I'd love to!" I smiled. "Well, don't forget this, Niall." Louis said, holding up a condom. "Knock it off, Lou." Niall said through gritted teeth. "Just saying, mate. Just saying." he shrugged. I started getting a tiny bit uncomfortable. "What's wrong, Holly?" Niall asked, looking over to me. "Um...I've actually never been on a date before..."

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