My Princess

I walked down the steps, my hand sliding down the railing, a fake smile plastered across my face. I waved to the invisible audience, and stepped down to the bottom of the staircase. I held up the skirt of my gown a little, making sure not to trip over my long dress. Walking towards my father and mother, I let go of my gown letting the hem of its skirt reach the ground. I stood in front of my father, and he slowly placed a tiara on my head. "You are now known as Princess Victoria Nicolette Lexington, Duchess of Austria!" he proclaimed, and then carefully removed the delicate tiara from my head, placing it back in its glass case. Introducing me, 18-year-old princess to be, Victoria Nicolette Lexington.


10. Let It Go And Move On

"Sure, come in..." she replied. I walked in, sitting down on her bed. I motioned for her to come sit next to me, and she walked over, sitting down. "Listen, you shouldn't let the hate get to you..don't believe them. You're not ugly, you're not a poser, and you're sure not an attention seeker. You're a beautiful princess who never lies. You're definitely not a poser. I know you're telling the truth about being Princess Victoria Nicolette Lexington, and I know you wouldn't lie about being a princess. They're just jealous that you get to be here with us, and because, well, I love you, remember? And that's all that matters. Nothing can tear me from you, no force on Earth can make me stop loving you, ever. Believe it when I say I love you, because I really do mean it. You know that, right Victoria?" I said, trying to cheer her up. "Y-yes..." she sniffed. "You also know that I don't think you're ugly or attention-seeking, right?" I asked. She nodded. "Good. Now I know you can pull through this, you just need to let those bad comments pass. Just ignore any negative comment that's made about you, because believe it or not, I've been through all of this before. I still am. Sure, sometimes they get to me, but I just let it go and move on, because haters don't matter." I continued. She looked at me like I as crazy. "Really? But....why would anyone want to hate you...?" she asked, confused. "They think I don't fit into One Direction, that I should quit the band because I'm ugly. I just let those thoughts pass, because even if those words hurt, it doesn't matter." I replied. "'re saying I should just let it go and move on?" she asked. "Yes. That's exactly what I was saying." I replied. "Okay....t-thanks for making me feel b-better again, N-Niall.." she said, hugging me. "I'm glad you're mine...I love you, my princess..."

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