My Princess

I walked down the steps, my hand sliding down the railing, a fake smile plastered across my face. I waved to the invisible audience, and stepped down to the bottom of the staircase. I held up the skirt of my gown a little, making sure not to trip over my long dress. Walking towards my father and mother, I let go of my gown letting the hem of its skirt reach the ground. I stood in front of my father, and he slowly placed a tiara on my head. "You are now known as Princess Victoria Nicolette Lexington, Duchess of Austria!" he proclaimed, and then carefully removed the delicate tiara from my head, placing it back in its glass case. Introducing me, 18-year-old princess to be, Victoria Nicolette Lexington.


5. I Won't Leave You

Victoria's P.O.V.

Once I announced my departure, something happened to Niall. I could tell. His face dropped, and he seemed...broken. Very broken. It breaks my heart to see him like this, as we've become very close friends during the past few days. "...Niall? you okay?" I asked, glancing over at him. ", sure. I guess you can say that.." he sighed, looking away. "What's the matter? I could tell something's wrong. Please tell me, I hate when people are sad.." my voice trailed off, my eyes locked to the ground. "I guess that it's just that...well, how can I put this...I don't want you to leave." Niall replied. I looked back up, sympathy filling my eyes. "Don't worry, I'll find a way so I can stay here with you! I won't go home, even if my coronation is coming up!" I tried comforting him. "Really? " Niall asked, looking over at me. "Of course! Anything for a friend!" I smiled. "Well that made me feel a lot better!" he smiled back. "I'm glad you're happy again, Niall!" I said. "Well, how are you going to stay away from home without getting caught here?" he asked. "I'll stay undercover if at any time they are here. They won't recognize me, and they'll look somewhere else!" I explained. "Well that's great! you're doing all of this just to stay here?" he asked. "Of course! From the way all of you have been treating me, it's made me feel like I never want to go home! I've made a lot of wonderful friends here, too! Including you, Niall!" I said, hugging him. I felt him hug back. "I love you..."

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