Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


2. The Plane Trip

3rd Person;

             When they boarded they plane they hadnt known that their tickets werent together. Then they seen them, One Direction. Haley blushed. She looked for where she was supposed to sit. As soon as she realized who she was supposed to sit by she looked at the ticket then looked at him. She sat in the middle of Louis and Liam. She looked at Taylea pointing at the boys

'Taylea, am I dreaming?'

'Nope.' a sassy voice said to her.

'Is this heaven?' she said jokingly.

'Nope this is real babe.' Louis said again.

'Okay. Erm, excuse me.' and Lou moved his legs over for her to slide into the seat.

When Taylea looked at her ticket she seen her number. She looked puzzled.

'Anything I can help you with love?'

she recognized the husky, deep voice. It was Harry Styles of One Direction's.

'Erm, do you know what seat this is by any chance?'

he looked at the ticket.

'Yeh, thats right where I am. I will scoot to the middle.'

'You can sit on the outside Harry, I dont like sitting in the isle.'

'Erm, you dont have to, I'm perfe-'

he got cut off by Taylea.

'I really mean it, I dont like isle seats. Erm excuse me..'

Taylea has a seat inbetweet Harry and Zayn. That is perfect because they are part of the three Taylea fancied.


Taylea's Pov;

              Holy crap. I'm sitting on the same plane as 4/5 of One Direction. Not that I'm fan girling or anything. Lol.


'Yes love.'

'If you dont mind me aski-' I got freaking inturupted.

'Feel free to ask away.'

'K, erm. Where is all the other people and where is Niall?'

'What other people? Werent you told you that we allowed two girls on our private jet and you beautiful loves are them. And Niall is flying in from somewhere in Ireland.'

'Oh, erm, thanks.'

I felt my face get warm and I blushed.

'I'm not lying. I rea-'

'What's your name love?' I recognize the voice, it's Zayn's voice.

'Erm, my name is Taylea. And Harry, thanks.'

'That's a beautiful name.'

'This time I hope I dont get inturupted speaking. But Taylea, you are so beautiful' harry mumbled upsetly

'Harry you are so hands-'

'Ugh, shut up with the lovey dovey shit already.' zayn said annoyed.

'Oh sorry Zayn, am I too much of a stud for you.' harry said sarcastically

'I am switching se-' Zayn started to get up.

'No Zayn, dont leave.'

Why did I say that? Zayn started to sit back down. So, I guess that means he is staying.

'Ugh, I am so cramned. I barely have space.' I declared.

'You can sit in front of you Taylea.' Liam said like a mature adult.

'I will sit infront of Zayn if thats okay mate?'

'Hold on Taylea, what's your Twitter? Errm, do you have one?' Harry blurted.

'I will tweet you guys. K loves'

Harry nodded his head, followed by Zayn. I started typing

'Hey Hazzah and Zayner(: it's Taylea.. @zaynmalik @harry_styles'

On the top of my iPhone it said 'Your tweet has been sent.' I moved infront of Zayn. Zayn's and Harry's iPhone binged. They both pulled em out and looked and chuckled sorta. Then suddenly my phone binged. I looked and it was a notifacation from Twitter that one of my tweets have been RT. Then again. Zayn and Harry both RT my tweet. I'm not fangirling or anything. Hehe.


Haley's Pov;

            I leaned on Louis and accidently fell asleep. Ooops. When I woke up it was about 1/4 of the flight done. I looked at Lou, he was playing on my iPad.

'Lou?' i whispered.

'Yes beautiful?'

I blushed. Fantastic, now I look like an embarassed obsessed fan.

'I'm sorry I fell asleep on you and why do you have my iPad?!'

'I was reading all the tweets that you and Taylea sent me. I wish I noticed before I met you. I'm sorry love. Please forgive me for taking your iPad.'

'Oh, okay. And I forgive you. Who could stay mad at the Sass Master from Duncaster?'

We chuckled for a while. He asked me some questions and vise-versa. He is so sweet. I lean back on him and fall back asleep.


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