Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


16. That Night(:

Taylea's Pov;

          well, i get to cross off two things off my bucket list. harry and i slow danced and we also kissed in the rain. we went inside to go change clothes.


'yes love?'

'i will be back down in fifteen. i am taking a shower. can you take the puppies outside and feed them for me?'

'yes, i will do that.'

he grabs buster and mixer and takes them outside. i take my phone in the en-suite and presses music. i turn on shuffle really loud and it plays one thing. i chuckle real quick. i take my clothes off and get in the shower.


I get out of the shower and grabs a towel. i wrap it around me and dries my body off. i go into my closet (which is so huge) and grabs a pair of sweats and a pink t-shirt and some under garments. i change into them and blow dry my brown curly hair.


i walk downstairs and everyone is in pjs. i go sit on harry's leg. buster jumps up onto my lap. i chuckle and pick him up. i hold his body and puts buster's face up to harry's and he starts licking harry. lou laughs alot. i am glad to be entertaining. i ask harry what we are watching and he says 'x-factor'. i smile and glance at haley. she bursts into giggles and i am right after her.

'whats so funny?' lou asks

'nothing, just an inside joke.'

'can we know?' harry asks.

'erm. *i glance at haley and she nods her head* we tried out for x-factor and made it but we didnt want to be famous so we said never mind and simon was just like 'what do you mean never mind?' we just told him we didnt want to be on tv. our audition was posted on tv and we laughed then too.'

'okay, let us hear you sing.' louis said. we started singing Taylor Swift We Will Never Ever Get Back Together. we finish and harry looks at louis.

'Well, you should preform infront of our manager. we want you to be our opening act when we go on tour.' harry says

'we have college and sttuff.' haley says

'thats why there is online college babe.' lou says.

'erm, okay.' i say.

Lou picks up his iphone and dials a number.

'Hey stop by our house. we need you to listen to this.' he says. i think its his manager.


5 minutes later his manager shows up at the door. ding ding the doorbell rings.

'I will get it' i say. i walk to the door and open it.

'hello?' he says


'is lou here?'

'erm yah.'

'lou its for you.' i shout to lou.

'tell him to come in' lou says

'come in, lou is being lazy.' i say. he walks in and says 'what?' to lou.

'Taylea and Haley meet our manager.' lou introduces us.

'hey i am taylea.' i said 'and thats lou's gf haley'

'sing taylea and haley' harry says

'okay ready haley?'

'when you are'

'3 2 1.' we start singing Taylor Swift Our Song. we finished.

'do you want to be our opening act for the tour?' the manager says

'erm yah.' we (haley and I) say

'k well you better start rehearsing whenever you want. the tour starts in 2 months.'

'cool.' we say.

'k. lou, i have to go home. see you tomorrow at the interview. text if you need anything. and hey guyys.'

'bye.' we all say.

'We are going to sleep. See you tomorrrow.' Dani and Liam say.

'Gnite' i say. they wave.

'I am tired. Me going too.' Nialler said.

'Good night niall.' I say. he blows me a kiss aand says good night and goes upstairs.

'Where is Zayn?' i ask

'he is picking up perrie at the airport then going back there.' harry replies.

'okay. just wondering.'


'harry i am getting tired too.' i say

'k lets go to bed.' he says.

' good night lou. good night haley.' harry says.

'good night everyone.' i say.

'good night love birds' they reply.

i blush. i look to see harry's face. he is blushing too. he is amazing. i love him soooooo much.


we got upstairs to our bedroom and i popped onto the bed. he jumped onto the bed too. we laughed for a lil bit.

'Harry, can I tell you somthing?'


'Well, ever since I met you in real life at one of the signings i have been hoping to see you soon and i have been going crazy since i met you yesterday. i just wanted to tell you i love you so much. i will never hurt you.'

'I remember meeting you at the signing a couple of months ago. I remember in Mullingar with Niall. I remember you stood up for Haley because some girl called you and her a foul word. It was horrible. I didnt sign her thing. She got booted out because I seen you after we signed your book and you pulled through Haley through it. I thought you were amazingly beautiful. I love you too. I will never hurt you, ever.'

I layed my head on his arm. He scooted closer to my body. I snuggled close to him and fell asleep.


Liam's Pov;

            If Dani and I werent together I would have called dibs on Haley. She is so amazing. I love Dani too. Dani can be sassy at some points. I love her soo much though. She is a good person. When I seen how happy Louis was with Haley I just thought that it was meant to be with them two. When I seen how happy Taylea and Harry were together I was thinking 'Why dont they already get married yet?'. Niall is falling for Taylea. I feel bad about Taylea going to be in the descicion about who to pick. Niall is looking for someone. What if Taylea has a best friend other than Haley who is Irish and is sweet funny and imature? I will have to ask her about that tomorrow. I am tired. Yawn.


Niall's Pov;

        I wish I had someone to love like Harry and Louis and Liam and Zayn. It's terrible. I have to be around them all day and stuff. I like Taylea alot but she is taken by Harry. Harry would be heartbroken if Taylea broke up with him. I could never do that to him. He is my best friend. I wonder if Taylea has another friend amazing like her and Haley. I will ask her maybe. I am so sad. I am all alone in One Direction. Zayn and Liam has been trying to convince me to date a fan. I might but nah. I am soo bored. I turn the tv on. I fell asleep with the tv on.


Louis's Pov;

             Haley is amazing in every way even thinkable. She is sweet, funny, and sassy like me. We both have amazing taste in music and stuff. I never knew she could sing like that. I love her.

'Lou?' she asks

'Yes my princess sass master?'

'Can we goto bed? I am super sleepy.'

Yes, lemme give Harry buster and yeahh.'

I go lock the doors and take Buster to Harry.

'Thanks Lou.' Harry says.

'Your welcome.'

I get Haley and Mixer and we go upstairs to our bedroom. She is amazing.



'Do you remember the book signing in Mullingar?'

'Yes, how could I forget that you and Taylea were there?'

'Oh, so you do remember.'


'Okay. well i love you. good night.'

'Night love.'

She curled up really close to me and fell asleep. She is amazing that they had to change the defination to Haley. I love her alot. Marrige, not crazy at this point.

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