Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


9. Good Morning Love

Taylea's Pov.;

'TAYLEAAAA' harry screams and starts jumping on the bed. 'HARRRY' i hold out the RR part of his name to make it cute. 'Sorry about that. Good morning love.' Harry apoligises. I look at the alarm clock, it reads 6:30 a.m. I am annoyed. 'Harry, why are we up so early?' I demand an answer. 'I have a suprise. And all the other lads are us too. Even Haley and Louis.' he says.

'Haley is never up this early. I bet Haley was pissed off.'

'Love, we have a suprise for you. Come out dressed and eat your breakfeast. I am making it love. I am the best chef in the building.'

'Wait the other boys live in the same building?'

'Yaa, forgot to tell you.'

'Oh it's fine love. Be out in a jiff.'

Harry walks out into the living room. I shut the door behind him. I start looking around the room to find my luggage. Oh my. I left it into the living room. I will put my pj's on and then get my luggage with my close in it.

I walk into the living room and the kitchen is packed with good looking boys.

'Hey! What you doing mate?' zayn asks

'Ermm. I left my luggage in the living room.'

'You mean this?' he holds up my suitcase.

'Yeah, erm. So can I have it?'

he tosses it over to me and i fail to catch it.

'You left it at Nando's. Dont be embarassed, Haley did it too.' Niall exclaims

Haley's  cheeks get all pink. I chuckle and Harry and Lou do too.

'Erm, I will go change now.' I say.

I walk into Harry's room. I lay my suitcase on his bed. I unzip the bag and dig through the bag. I pick out a white floral dress I got from Hollister when I went to Florida to visit my family. I lay it out and think of what shoes I should wear. I know! My gladiator sandals. I go into harry's en-suite and change. I forgot my hair taming spray. I need to borrow Harry's. I walk into the kitchen and ask if I can use some of his hair product. He doesnt mind. I walk back into the en-suite and picks up the spray and fluff my hair around. Still curly as ever. It doesnt bother me.

'Hey Taylea. I see you are finally ready.' Louis points out.

'You better get your food fast before Niall wants seconds.' Liam points out.

I walk over to the counter and grab some pancakes. I place them on my plate.

'Thats all your going to eat?! Niall said with a ton of feeling toward the subject.


I get a bing on my phone. I pull it out of my clutch and its a tweet mention from Louis.

'Going out with Hazzah and the girls @harry_styles @Haley_Forever <3 and @1D_Taylea_Biebs !! Cant wait(:'

When I got done eating Harry and Louis said 'Ready girls?' We nod our heads.

'Can we stop by Starbucks and get a coffee?' Haley asks.

'Yeah love.' Lou replied.

We head towards the door when Liam says 'Don't have too much fun.' We all chuckle and keep walking.

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