Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


39. Chapter 39

Taylea's Pov;

  I wake up at 6:30 along with all the other boys so that we can prepare breakfast for Haley and the rest of us. We are making pancakes, bacon, and eggs. The pancakes are my favorite and the bacon and eggs are Haley's favorite.

~~~~~~~~~~~15 minutes later~~~~~~

'Guys?' i say

'Yeah Taylea?' Niall says.

'Where is Katie?'

'Oh, I need to talk to you and Liam about Katie.' Niall says

'Err okay. Harry can you watch the food?'

'Yah, anything for the best girlfriend ever.' Haz says.

'Thanks babe.' I go up to Harry and kiss his cheek. We walk upstairs into Niall's bedroom.

'What is it Niall?' Liam asks.

'Katie, she broke up with me.'

'Niall, I am so sorry.' I say.

'It was a mutual agreement. But she was the one that brought it up. I wanted to stay with her but she was kind of a bitch.'

'She has never been like that before. I need to talk to her. I will text her.'

'Did she say why she wanted to call it off?' Liam asks.

'She said I was paying attention to Haley and Taylea more than her. I mean, like they were having a rough time. Thats what I told her.' Niall says. 'I dont get girls at all.'

'Niall dont say that. It was my fault anyways. Thanks for telling me this.' I say to him. I kiss his cheek. I walk out of his room and into mine. I am going to talk to that girl. I dial her phone number.

'Hello?' she answers

'WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU CHEAT ON NIALL?!' I scream loud enough for her to hear but not loud enough for Niall to hear.

'How the fuck did you know?'

'You always do this to boys who actually take a fond liking of you.'

'I hate Niall, he is too caught up with you. HE LIKES YOU BITCH! You are a man stealer.'

'KATIE! I didnt know. I am... sorry.. Katie please forgive me. Atleast tell me who you are dating now.'

'I am dating Zayn.'


'He was. He likes me more. He broke up with her. Arent I lovely? I am living in the dorms now.'

'You are a bitch. I knew it hoe..'

'SHUT THE FUCK UP! I wouldnt be talking.'


'You like Louis and Niall, but you are still continuing to date Harry.'

'Where do you get your information?'

'All the boys like you. You fancy all of them. You could date any of them if you just tried. You just took the easy one that is mostly going to break your heart.' By then I was fed up with her bullshit. I hung up with her and cried and cried. Haley came running through the door after 10 minutes of me crying.

'TAYLEA! Are you okay?! Whats wrong? Did Harry do anything to you? What happened?' she says

'Katie.. That bitch.' i am still crying. 'She accused me of cheaing on Harry. I would never ever do that to him. She cheated on Niall with Zayn. Then she broke up with Niall. Niall is upset. Zayn broke up with Perrie and Perrie is upset. Zayn and Katie are together and I am scared that she will tear him apart and cheat on him. That leaves us to clean up the mess. Katie says that all of them like me and she said I like all of them. She said that about us.'

'Taylea, calm down. She is jealous that you are gorgeous and you have a loving boyfriend and five amazing friends. You have my parents and they love you. Taylea dont let it get to you.'

'I cant deal with it anymore. I am done. I dont think I can stay here. I am going to call my parents and atempt to talk to them. I love you Haley. I love your parents. I need my parents too. I just wish they liked me.'

'Taylea, anyone who would do that to you is dumb. Anyone who hurt you is jealous and they wish they could be you. Taylea, I love you too. You will always have me behind you. You are amazing and it makes me so jealous that you are beautiful but you dont know it. I will always be behind you through every decision. You can count on me.'

'Thanks Haley. That means alot.' I am still crying. Harry comes up and runs through the door.

'Whats wrong Taylea? You okay? Did Niall hurt you?'

'I dont want to talk about it. I am never going to be okay. Niall didnt do anything. It was Katie.' just then my cell keeps binging like texts. I pull it out of my pocket and it's from Katie. 'Harry read these! I cant even take it anymore. She hurts me soo much.'


Harry's Pov;

 I read Katie's texts to Taylea. She was horrible. One after one. Things like ;

'Taylea you hor.' 'Taylea stop ignoring me you know I am right!'

 right about what? i didnt want to ask.

'You should date someone else. You are out of Harry's league. You could do  better!' that one got to me. i dialed Katie's number on Taylea's phone.

'Hello queen beyatch speaking!' i hear from Katie's end.


'YAH. You are man whore's boyfriend.'

'MAN WHORE? Atleast I aint no fucking cheater!' click. the line ends. she hung up on me.

'Harry? Why did you call her?' Taylea asks wiping tears from her eyes.

'I am blocking her number from your phone for your sake. Those things she sent is terrible. I am so sorry for what she called you. She shouldnt get to you. I am so sorry love. Taylea you have me and 5 supporting friends behind you. I love you.'

'Love you too Haz. Thanks for what you said. It means alot.' i nod.

'Do you wanna hang low for now?' I ask. 'Haley, you dont mind if we stay in here for a lil while do you?'

'Nope. Feel free to come  out anytime.'

'Thanks Haley. Tell the boys an hour.' i said

'Okay..' Haley walks out of our room and pulls the door shut.

'Can we watch the telly?' Taylea asks.

'Yeh love. That sounds good.' I say. We turn the telly on and flip to Disney. Toy Story marathon was on so we settled for that.

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