Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


33. Chapter 33

Taylea's Pov;

      Oh my, why did Louis just walk off in a rampage.

'Uh, erm, should we follow him?' I ask.

'I got it love.' Harry replies running after Lou.

'Haley?' I whisper in her ear.

'What Taylea?' she replies.

'Uhm, I am worried about Louis.'

'Me too honestly. I don't know why. The only reason I could think of is...' her face goes blank. Then she goes after both of them. I had no clue what she was talking about. I go over to Katie.

'What's wrong Taylea?' Katie asks me.

'My friends and boyfriend are acting so wierd. I dont know why. Am I doing something wrong?' I ask her.

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