Fallen Under His Spell

Taylea and her best friend Haley were sitting at their dorm at their new colledge in England. They have been dreaming of going to Oxford together forever. When they get on their plane to Duncaster the realize that this isnt just any plane. This is One Directions plane. Read more.


32. Chapter 32

Taylea's Pov;

     'Who said we were getting married?' I chuckle.

'Oh, too soon?' Harry asks.

'Nope, just want a proper proposal.'

'Nothing wrong with that. We should probably get back inside.'

'Well, look at Haley and Lou. Looks like they are having a fun time over there!' I wink. He leans in for a kiss and I pull back.

'Sorry, I am freezing. Can we go inside?'

'Sure. Let's not get you sick.'

'Thanks babe!' we head towards the house. I stopped by where Haley and Louis were. I pulled Haley's shirt.

'Haley, do you want to get sick?!' I say.

'Oh, sorry. Louis want to come too? Lets get some dry clothes on. I have extras from my brother and Taylea you can fit in mine.' it was true. we wear the same size clothes. We walk into the house.

'Where are you going?' Haley's mom asked.

'Getting dry clothes for us. Can Louis and Harry borrrow some of Michael's(Haley's brother) old clothes?'

'Sure. I dont mind.' she replied. haley and i walked into her bedroom and threw clothes on the bed. i dont even care if they match.

'Give me some sweats!' I said.

'Yes mother!' we laughed.

'I will go pick the boys some clothes out babe.'

'Okay love!' she winked. I walked into Michael's old bedroom. Exactly how I remember it. I picked out both of them a pair of black sweats and a t-shirt I randomly threw out. I walked into the hallway!

'Harry! Louis! Come here!' I said. They came. 'Here, take these. There is a bathroom right over there (I point) and one of you can change in the bedroom right there! (I point behind me) Good *they nod*. Okay go.' I walk back into Haley's room and change into a pair of grey sweatpants and a t-shirt with a one direction hoodie on it. I walk into the living room and Harry gasped. Oh my gosh. I look terrible. Oops.


Harry's Pov;

     When Taylea walked in she looked so beautiful. I was embaressed because all I did was gasp. I think she thought I thought she looked horrible. I followered her into the bathroom. I opened the door.

'HARRY! What do you want?!'

'I just wanted to know if you are okay?' I said.

'Why wouldnt I be okay? I mean seeing your boyfriend's mouth drop onto the table literally when you walked in and not saying anything wouldnt hurt me!'

'I was gasping about how beautiful you looked babe. Not that you looked bad. You look amazing in sweats. Way better than I do.' she blushed.

'Really babe?'

'I would never lie to you love.'

'Awe!. Thanks' a huge grin was plastered on her face. I wrapped my arms around her waist and I hugged her from the back. 'Can we take a couples picture in the mirror? It's on my bucket-list.'

'Sure, anything for you.' we pull out our iPhones and goto the camera app. 'Hey lets do it on my phone. I will send it to you love.'

'Okay love.' she replied. I hand her my phone and she takes the picture. I kiss her cheek. She laughs. 'Let's get back out there babe.'

'Okay.' I say. We walk out in the living room. We are hand in hand.

'AWWW! Look at the love-birds!' Lou screams.

'When is your wedding guys?' Zayn says. We both blush, knowing that we have just talked about that. We laugh.

'Okay, can we get a picture together?' Niall said.

'YES! That would be amazing!' Katie screams.

'Can you take it Mrs.L?' I ask.

'Yes, you all are so cute.' she replies. I remember that Liam has Dani, Zayn has Perrie, Niall has Katie, Louis has Haley, and I, I have the best girlfriend in the world. I hand her my phone. She is like an old pro at working an iPhone.

'Wow Mom. You are sure good with technology now!' Haley yells. We all agree with that. We huddle in close together. This was deffinatley going on Twitter for sure. I am proud of my girlfriend. I love my beautiful Taylea. She is the best thing that ever happened to me even before One Direction. I love my girlfriend.

'On three say cheese. 1, 2, 3 cheese.' I hear the shutter sound on it click. I love my friends.

'Thanks Mrs.L!' I said.

'You are welcome. Haley has told me so much about all of you gentlemen.' we blush. We meaning all of one direction and Haley.

'I am sorry for your loss.' Taylea says.

'Oh you think its a bad thing. She was suffering so much. I mean like she had memory loss and stuff like that going on. But thanks anyways. Haley was really close to her. Now she has all of you. Thanks for being behind her from every descion she makes. I love you Taylea. You are like another daughter.' Taylea tears up.

'Taylea, dont cry!' I say. I hug her.

'I wish my parents knew how much they hurt me and how much I cared about volleyball.' she says crying. I am still holding her in my arms. Haley comes over and rubs her back.

'Oh my Taylea, I am so sorry. I didn't know.' Mrs.L says.

'It's okay. Not your fault.' she says. I let my grip loose and Mrs.L takes over my spot.


Lou's Pov;

    I feel terrible about Taylea's relationship with her so called parents. I am like her older brother, thats what it feels like and I need to protect her from her being hurt. I care about her. I love her like she was my own child. I feel like she is related to me some way. I wish that I could do something. Taylea must've had a rough time trying to deal with getting kicked out because she was only raised on volleyball and school. She knows she has us behind her and we will be there when she is having a rough time. We love her like a sister. I am so disappointed in Taylea's parents for not knowing how amazing their daughter is and not giving her credit. I am pissed.


All of their Pov's except Taylea's;

   We hate seeing Taylea hurt. It makes us feel hurt. Why did her parents make her go through this? Who could do this to someone this amazing? We love her like a younger sister. She is like our cousins or little sister. We are amazed. We could never do that to anyone. Taylea being hurt is like tearing out our hearts and them shoving them back up our buttholes. (Not to be gross or anything) We love her like a younger sibling. Her parents are terrible!


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